Gaston Meet and Greet

What are the typical wait times to meet Gaston? I am going the beginning of February and would like to incorporate this into my touring plan. Thank you!

I think he normally starts meeting at 10. I would suggest trying to be there for his first meet and you shouldn’t have to wait long. Other than that I am not sure about how much time it will take.

We met him last year and it was a mid morning time. Line wasn’t very long, maybe took 10 minutes. He was funny!

Saw him in September. His line closes fast I would say I waited about 15 mins. He was so in character.

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We got there at 9:45 for his first meet at 10. We made it into the first group. Score he took a break. I would say it took 30 minutes total to wait and then meet with him. Was there 2 weeks ago.

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