Gasparilla Island Grill closed?

I was on the WDW site looking over some schedules at Grand FFloridian. Web Site indicates Gasparilla Island Grill is closed thru …whenever…“check back for updates”. All Ears isn’t tracking it, a quick search here doesn’t show anything. Anyone know the scoop? TIA

Another site is tracking this. Major refurbishment, scheduled to reopen 15th December. Alternative QS dining options are in place.

Since Touring plans have the same date showing for reopen., I assume this is the latest official info.

Thank you! did they mention what the other QS options were? Just trying to lock down our plan.

Okay…just found it on touring plans, I was looking under WDW refurb and not under resort…bummer…first Haunted Mansion and now this…:frowning:

OK here goes:

MIzner’s Lounge has grab ‘n’ go dining 7am to midnight, coffee from 6am

Beaches pool bar and grill serves breakfast from 7am, coffee from 6am.

GF Cafe has a “to go” menu

Refillable mugs can be filled at MIzner’s, Beaches and Courtyard pool bars.

Hope that helps!


Helps very much…thank you! I was waiting for them to say “take te monorail to the next hotel”……guess breakfest at the bar can’t be all bad…

Just to close this thread, I called the hotel directly. All of above provided by @Nickysyme is as stated. “Liz” added the pool bar (open air) will serve until 6 PM. I don’t see my kids eating breakfast at 7 AM in December on a pool lounge chair. After 6PM, there is no QS sit down availability. Mizner Lounge has about 40 chairs. We can grab and go and eat on the monorail. When your trying to plan for a RD from the hotel room, to breakfast to the monorail, backtracking to find a place to sit and eat makes it very difficult. Seriously considering changing hotels. GGrrrrrr…

What do the kids eat for breakfast that you need to sit down for? I’d be surprised if 40 chairs isn’t enough at breakfast to cover the traffic. I don’t remember seeing a lot of folks dining in around breakfast time at the QS locations. FWIW, we usually pack the mini boxes of cereal, bowls & spoons and then buy milk on-site and keep in room fridge so we eat breakfast in the room. Far cheaper, more convenient and faster. Something to consider if you have space and like cereal, but everyone’s breakfast habits are different so it may not work for you…

Doubt I’d bail on the Grand Floridian over this, although if they don’t have the Cupcakes anywhere that were at Gasparilla, I might reconsider that advice :smile:

Thanks for the Cupcake humor… my response was more of a frustrated knee jerk. Our family is a strong believer in starting with a good breakfast (check our waste lines) but…truly, its my kids first time back to WDW since they were in grade school (its was GF then, too) who now have children of their own. So this trip is a gift from me to them for not bringing them back all those years…lol. Guess the selfish part of me wants it to be well planned and executed to the “T” (as in Touringplans). On a brighter side, maybe, just maybe, they’ll comp us some extra FPP’s for the inconvience…thanks for listening.