Garretts Go – Day 8 – AK and Last Day!

10/13 – AK. This CL decreased from 6 to 5 the day we left. It’s our last day! Originally, I’d planned to split the park in half and focus on Asia and Dinoland this day. We ended up seeing the whole park yesterday and crossed some attractions off our list already.

We’re planning NRJ, Conservation station, EE (DSS16 says no way, but DH wants to ride),and Dinosaur (DH was recommended against it for his back but he’s considering).

I also booked Caring for Giants as a surprise (thanks to the trip report from @lizzieanne771). FPP for Navi, Dinosaur and EE. This will be a short day, as we have a very early start tomorrow. On that note - I didn’t realize until well after booking that Magical Express would necessitate us boarding 3 hours before our flight. I should have. I missed it. Our travel agent also missed it. Our flight is at 8:40 a.m, so my late risers will need to rise very early indeed. We can sleep at home, right? On the plus side, we should be home by 12.


Woohoo!! I hope you love the tour!!!

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Thanks, I’m sure we will. We’re big animal lovers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Heading back to Pop. We had a great last day! Started with NRJ - that’s a nice, beautiful ride. DSS16 was running late, so we got to test out the grace period. We were exactly 5 min late and it took our FPP.

We got started late with no breakfast, so we were hungry at 11 and ate at Rainforest Cafe. Serviceable. Super slow service. We started the last day with 1 snack credit and 3 QS for the 3 of us, so we paid out of pocket for lunch.

Next was the Maharaja Trail. It was lovely. Themed very well, lots of interesting animals.

We passed some street performers on the way to our Caring for Giants tour. This was awesome and inexpensive. It also only takes an hour. Definitely a great thing to do.

After the tour, DH and I rode EE and Dinosaur. DSS16 was kind of burnt out today and over rides - so he skipped these. We also dropped Rafiki station activities, the bird show and Nemo to get us back faster so we could relax.

It was a great last day.

We had a blast.

In summary, the QS plan worked for us and I underestimated how tired we’d be. The tip about converting 1 QS to three snacks was great. We did that twice. If I did it again. I’d plan one less day at AK and a rest day in the middle. Tonight is for swimming, relaxing and packing.

Thanks everyone for your tips and ideas! I learned a lot from everyone.