Garretts Go – Day 7 – AK and a Birthday!

10/12 – AK. The CL dropped from 6 to 5 right as we left.

It’s DH’s 49th birthday! I’ve got Sprinkles cupcakes being delivered by 5 p.m. at the hotel…shhh…don’t tell. When we were dating we were big fans of Cupcake Wars – how could I not get these ($70 for a dozen btw including delivery. Ouch.)?!

We are focusing on Pandora and Africa this day. I’m really looking forward to Kilmanjaro Safari! I wanted to book WAT, but we just can’t lose that much time on this particular trip. I also know we’ll hate that food (I know…I know…we have very dumb palettes….highly uneducated). FPP for KS, FOP, and Kali.


Sounds like you have a great day planned. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your trip.


Hope you have a great park day and your DH has a wonderful birthday!


Have a great day and happy birthday to your DH!


Thank you!


Happy birthday Mr @Cgarrett75.

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DH says thanks!

We’re waiting for ROL to start. Another good day.

We started with KS and loved it. We followed that up with the GorillaFalls trail.

Next, we ate at Satuli Canteen. I know everyone loves it - we didn’t really care for it. While we were eating, we got a message that FOP was down, but it was fixed for our 1:05 FPP. We really liked FOP. I was happy for my motion sickness patches though.

More soon. Phone is dying! Lol

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Next, we saw the Lion King Show followed by a ride on Kali River Rapids. We barely got wet. It was welcome in the heat. It was a nice ride and I wished it were longer.

We had some more time, so we walked discovery trail, watched the drummers, did some shopping and toured the pandora area.

We decided to try Pizzafari, as nobody was in the mood for Asian, burgers, or bbq. Seriously, skip Pizzafari. Freezer pizza is better.

We STILL had time to kill, and most attractions were closed by now, so we walked around Dinoland and saw It’s Tough to be a Bug. I wish more attractions were open between 4 and 7. We love animals and really liked this park, but there wasn’t a lot to do during this time. Looking back, I might have made this a one day park and just waited in line for Navi.

We finished at the park with a walk through pandora and ROL.

It took about 20 - 30 minutes to get a bus back to Pop. It was our longest wait by far. DH Had a Birthday surprise in the room when we got back.

Last day is tomorrow!


Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Happy bday to your DH! What did you guys think of ROL? We missed it on our last trip and I am planning on us seeing it next time.

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It was good, I’m glad we got a chance to see it. That being said, it was good but not great. If you don’t have enough to do between 4 and 8, I’d skip it.

Did they close rides during late afternoon? I know the shows and trails close early. I did a TP for the day and I put Everest and Dinoland rides in before ROL. We are going in Dec so it is an early show. 6:15! The park closes at 7 so I thought we could watch tree of life awakening after or see Pandora at night.

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No, not the rides. To my knowledge it was the Up presentation, Finding Nemo and a lot of the food carts closing at 4. The conservation station was also closed ( this will be moot soon, I know). Closing at 6 sounds like a great day to visit. Lol

Both Gorilla falls and Marahajah Jungle Trek closed at 6. I knew things closed early, so this was just poor planning on my part.

Everything went way more quickly than expected. So, by the time it was 6, the only things left to do had hour+ waits. All we had left was NRJ, the Maharajah Trail (closed), Up (closed), EE and Dinosaur. If I were going to redo it, I’d have made my FPP for that 4-8 pm timeframe. We could have easily filled the morning with trails and shows. My time hasn’t been THAT far off on any other part of the trip. It didn’t take long to walk all over AK either

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I should clarify - DSS16 wasn’t interested in Dinoland - those with smaller kids could spend some time in there for sure.

I like DH’s tropical shirt! He looks very happy on his bday :grin:

We won’t be able to see ROL on our upcoming trip due to scheduling constraints. It looks really beautiful. Glad to read your take, it alleviates my FOMO!

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Did Sprinkles deliver to the room? Been wondering about this sort of thing for DD’s birthday. I’m thinking it might be more fun to have cake in the room rather than cake at a restaurant, but haven’t decided.

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Thanks for the clarification- had a little moment of panic, then checked my TP for the day, and after 4 we’re in Dinoland, doing dinner at Satulee and then hoping to do the KS at dusk. Looks like we may have some downtime before ROL to watch the awakenings show

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Thanks! That’s great. He’s got my favorite one on today. Lol. We’re so cheesy.

Happy to help. Lol

The front desk did. They aren’t supposed to, so I’m not sure what happened there. I was prepared to pick them up at the front desk, but some thoughtful soul put them in our room.

The cupcakes were not as good as our local bakery. Is out them in the “not recommended” category surprisingly. We’re really glad we tried them, but you’d probably do better with a cake elsewhere. It was $76 for a dozen cupcakes and delivery. Which is insane. Lol


Great! Pandora didn’t really light up until the tree awakening started - about 7:10 pm. It looked great.