Garretts Go – Day 5 – Epcot!

10/10 – Epcot. The CL was updated from 5 to 4 right before we left for today.

For this day, we’ll be focusing on Future World West and starting in on the World Showcase. We’ve got the only Full Service Dining booked for this day at Via Napoli. We’re huge pizza fans and are looking forward to a relaxing meal we know we will enjoy. We plan to head out before the Illuminations, as we stayed for that on arrival day.

We’ve also set aside some time for the Food and Wine Festival. Even though we’re picky eaters, we love food competition cooking shows. We don’t watch sports, but will yell at the TV during a cooking competition (typically things like “Don’t take a risk in round 1”)!

The guests for our Epcot days are not of particular interest to us for the seminars, but we’re interested a few of the food items and seeing the chocolate sculptures. Also, DSS is becoming a more adventurous eater daily so he may want to try some things out. The apetite of a 16 year old boy is an astounding thing. Lol. He’s on meds that supress his appetite, but he’s also a 16 yr. old boy. So, he wanes between hardly eating anything and eating EVERYTHING.

FPP for TT, MS – Green (I know we don’t need it for green, but why not?), and SE again. It’s forecast to rain heavily from about 2-4 today, so we’ll see how that goes. We don’t get too bothered by rain.


Back at POP after a 1 min wait for a bus. :slightly_smiling_face:

We started the day with TT. DSS is realizing he’s really not a fan of “thrill rides”. So, DH loves TT, I thought it was ok and DSS wasn’t a big fan. It was nice to experience it though. I was glad we had an early FPP for it, because I knew the weather was turning bad. On that note…

TT went down right after we rode it. I didn’t realize that until I tried to snag a FPP for Soarin, and saw that I had a multiuse FPP for 2! We went to guest services and they added the 3rd FPP for DSS and we rode Soarin again. We all love that one. I didn’t realize we’d get a FPP if TT went down in our window, even though we’d already ridden it. I’m not sure if that was supposed to happen or not.

We all decided that we didn’t need to ride SE again - we were anxious to get to the World Showcase. We made a detour to the Light Lab (not a big deal -waste of time really), and we went to the Festival Center to look for the chocolate sculptures. We didn’t find those and I didn’t care enough to ask, so off to the WS we went.

I tried some poutine I see why it’s popular, but I just found it ok. Glad I tried it. It began raining heavily just as we got to the Mexico pavilion, so that was great timing. That, was a nice pavilion. I grew up in California, so it kind of reminded me of my high school years. It was very pretty and we liked the Coco display. DH bought a cane to help with his back (still improving!) the rain cleared by the time we were done.

Next stop was Norway, which was also great. Beautiful architecture. We have a FPP for FEA tomorrow.

We could tell rain was imminent, so we ran ahead to Germany to grab a brat on a pretzel roll for DH (he loved it). Super heavy rain started again, so we ducked into the China pavilion. We really enjoyed that also! I was able to get some nice gifts for my coworkers and we watched the acrobats perform.

Next stop Germany. Lovely, pretty pavilion. Lots of beer, steins, brats, lederhosen, and cuckoo clocks. We stopped at Karmel Kuche. SO delicious.

Our final stop in WS was Italy. We had dinner reservations at Via Napoli. It was delicious. They sat us in the “terrace section”. It was much quieter. We had great service and the whole meal was $50 for the three of us. They came and sang to my DH for his birthday and gave him a free dessert. He also got a free pretzel at MK yesterday that I forgot to mention.

I snagged a FPP for Soarin earlier in the afternoon because we loved it so much. We ended the night at Soarin and headed back.

We are really enjoying Epcot and I’m glad we budgeted 2 ½ days there.


What did you think of the pizza at Via Napoli?

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It was the best thing ever. We loved it and we are big pizza eaters. That was the best pizza ever. Lol


Totally agree about the pizza at Via Napoli. We had so many good meals at WDW, but Via Napoli may have been our favourite.

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I had seen a Disney Good Blog video where she talked about the mozzarella balls from the kids menu and we got those too. They were SO delicious.

I didn’t realize they had a Día de los Muertos display in Mexico - that’s really cool. So excited to get my pic with Donald there.

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Yes, it was great! We rewatched Coco when we got back to the hotel too. :slightly_smiling_face:


I keep wanting to do that before our trip- maybe this weekend.

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It’s very cute. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad to hear you enjoyed Via Napoli - that pizza looks amazing. We are looking forward to trying it next month!


It really was great. I’m wanting more! Lol. I saw a tip on DFB about the mozzarella balls on the kids menu - they were stellar too.

I will have to look into these - they sound like we might want to try them.

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That pizza looks amazing! We cannot wait to eat at VP!

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I was seriously bummed that we couldn’t have it again yesterday. Lol

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