Garretts Go – Day 1 – Arrival Day!


Got my email this morning that the crowd calendar has risen by one. It was originally a 5.

We’re currently hanging out at the airport after saying goodbye to Sammie and Charlie

DH back is giving him some trouble, so I hope that eases soon. He hasn’t had a back flare up in a long time. What’re the odds?

10/6 – Epcot. CL 5. Arrival Day. Our flight gets in at 1:18 and I hope we can be in the park around 4. Sure, we could have relaxed at the pool, but heck no! I want to see the park! For the $30 it took to add the park tickets for that day, I figured we’ll be thrilled just to get some ambiance, dinner and fireworks!

Our TP focuses on Future World East. It was nice having this extra day for booking FPP too! The Food & Wine festival is going on while we’re here, but I’m not sure how much we’ll get out of it. We may try a few items, but we’re all non-drinkers and picky eaters, so I doubt we’ll focus on the booths much. The non-disney branded food and wine app that another member posted on this forum was super helpful (I’m sorry I can’t remember who posted it!). Also, thanks to @cheftodd55 – I followed his instagram, which was also helpful. I’ve also been watching videos from Touring Plans, Disney Food Blog and Tim Tracker to decide which foods our family might enjoy. We’ve got 2 full days at Epcot AFTER today. Today, we’ve got FPP for SE, Soarin and Seas w/Nemo.


I hope that you have a wonderful time.


Safe travels and have a great day!


Have a great travel day. I look forward to following along!


Have a great trip


Great day so far!

We walked right on to the magical express, and got to Epcot at 4:05. DH and DSS got their buttons at guest services and we hit everything on the plan so far except Speculab.

Soarin is awesome!!!

DH is dealing well with his back pain and it seems to work best for him alternating walking and sitting.

The view from our room. Lol. We didn’t get our requested room but it meets the request. The lake is right out the door.

Our neighbors decorated for the holidays

We had cones at L’Artisan - it was good but we should have saved the walk for later in the week.


That’s a busy arrival day. I hope your DHs back pain gets better quickly.


Thanks! We just enjoyed some fish and chips and are waiting for Illuminations.


I see why people complain about drinkers on Saturday night at Food and Wine. Lots of cursing. That doesn’t bother us with a teen, but I saw several perturbed moms.

Turtle Talk with Crush was more entertaining than expected. Even DSS16 Liked it. He’s still raving about Soarin. Lol. So am I to be honest, we all loved it.

My husband has had 14 CM’s wish him a happy birthday so far. Lol.


Sounds awesome!!!


Couldn’t have anything to do with luggage handling, could it?!?! I recall this was an issue with my dad anytime we traveled- getting the suitcases in and out of the car would do him in every time.

Loving the report so far- happy to follow along!


No, he’s got degenerative disc disease. It started flaring up the day before.

He’s being a huge trooper though and having a good time. Poor guy.


That is sad in front of children. A result of poor language skills and an inability to use adjectives :wink:.


cmon people…what are you thinking…remember there are other people on earth. I love food and wine festival for the food, but avoid at all costs on the weekends and that is a shame, because that is all some families have…weekends