GardenWalk Parking

A podcast just recommended using GardenWalk Mall’s parking ramp over Mickey & Friends parking. Anyone with experience have some thoughts on this? Looks like basically the same cost. Planning on trying to make rope drop on a Monday.


Since I never learned to drive I personally haven’t used this but a few friends have and really liked it. They said it wasn’t as packed as regular parking and not that far, half a block to Harbor Blvd. Totally walkable. My daughter and I go to Gardenwalk become they have the Coolest Swishmallow store in there :rofl::heart:


It’s been a loooong while since I parked at Mickey & Friends but we do stay near the Gardenwalk area a lot and it’s probably a comparable walk. And that deal is a great deal on parking! However, just a note that Mickey & Friends does have the option of a tram to get & from and save some steps whereas with Gardenwalk you’re hoofing it the entire way. And even though the walk isn’t bad, at the end of a Disney day is not insignificant.

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We are staying at the JW Marriott at the GardenWalk in September and I’m a little worried about that walk back at night too, but so short to Uber LOL