Garden Rocks Dining?

I’m making my dining reservations for our trip in April and I was unable to secure a reservation for 7ppl at Marrakesh. There were tables available for 4-6 ppl, so I was thinking it had something to do with table size. I called in this morning to make the reservation and got it no problem, but she mentioned something about Garden Rocks and gave me a whole schpele about designated times. I thought it was just standard fluffy disclosures that I never listen to, but now I’m wondering what did I book? Is it a regular reservation? Or is the menu smaller and price fixed? Am I paying more than the stated menu price?

Yes you are paying more - it a fixed price 2 or 3 course meal and preferred, early seating to the Garden Rocks series. So it depends if you really want good seats to the act performing that evening.

I actually have no plans to see the concert at all. We were going to leave the park to go to Springs after dinner. Crap. Can I eat there without the Garden dining package?

It may be possible - I would set up the reservation finder to look for a regular ADR for you.

As to the Garden Rocks package, it’s up to you how much eating at Marrakesh is worth to you. If it’s definitely not worth the extra price, I would cancel it ASAP. If it’s more important to be sure you get in, you can keep it until you get a “regular ADR”, probably from the reservation finder.

good plan. Thanks!

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