Garden Rocks dining package anyone?

I will preface this by saying our trip is in April/May 2020 so there is plenty of time but… who has done a dining package for Garden Rocks concert series during Flower and Garden at Epcot? I have so many questions!

If you do the dining package for, say, breakfast at Garden Grill, will it put you in the earliest concert of the day? (That seems to be the way the Rivers of Light packages work, with earlier dining reservations being assigned the earlier performance times.)

What’s the seating like, is there a separate dining package area like ROL or is it basically like a FPP to FotLK where the end result is the same for everyone? If we have to bail because #smallchildren, is this possible or are you like land locked into your seat?

Are the concerts fun and worth it? Do you have to plan ahead or is it something we should just play by ear (I love puns)?

Hoping Marshall Tucker Band or TobyMac come back next year during our trip, seems like it would be such a cool and manageable way to see live music!

We (me and DS4) did not do the package, but we did go to the concert. I think there was a reserved seating area for people with the package.

We literally walked up as the concert was starting and had our pick of seats. The band was Ambrosia. I don’t know if it will be more crowded when you’re there, but we were there on a CL 8 day if that’s any indication. We were able to sit right on the aisle. But, the benches are spaced really far apart and it’s easy to get to pretty much any seat you want without making people stand up.

We stayed for 2 songs then got up and left without causing a disturbance. The production and sound were good, it was just too loud for DS4 (as you say, #smallchildren).

Despite our experience with low attendance, I’d say if you want guaranteed seats (especially up front), it’s worth it to get the package. Otherwise, play it by ear like we did.

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Awesome. Thanks @terp05! That’s what I was hoping. Sounds like we could do the same thing without paying the extra money for the package, and still have a decent chance to see a concert.

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