Garden grocer

We are going to be driving from PA, about a 15 hour trip. Could anyone please give their thoughts on garden grocer instead of trying to transport a lot of groceries?

Since you’re driving I’m not sure it would make a lot of sense to pay the elevated delivery prices as there are several grocery and super stores within a mile or two of the Disney Area. Just wait until you unpack to make a grocery run.


We use GG. The delivery fee is less if you spend over a certain amount, which we always do. I ordered 60 days out which gave me a 10% discount, which was basically the delivery fee. I like having the food be delivered. We don’t have a car so we aren’t easily able to shop but I like the convenience anyway. I’m horrible in the car so after 15 hours you couldn’t pay me to get back in to go to the grocery store :slight_smile:

I just used GG on a trip in June and they were fantastic. Followed up with me after my order to confirm everything was correct and everything was waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived. My family and I are driving to Disney in September from Oklahoma and we’re planning on using GG. The point @Outer1 is a fair one, if money is a big factor it certainly isn’t the cheapest option. But for us the extra cost is worth knowing that if we want to park our car at the beginning of the trip we don’t have to leave property if we don’t want to.

Thanks for your help. We are going in September too!! It sounds like they are very customer friendly.

Thanks for the info on the discount. That is a definite perk. My boys and I are not long road trip people so I’m glad to hear we aren’t the only ones.

The delivery price was definitely one drawback for me. I wasn’t sure if I could get my boys back in the car for another drive after we get there and I wasn’t sure how close a store would be.

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If you could stop on your way, then I would say to do that. If you need to go to the resort first for whatever reason, I would definitely go with Garden Grocer. We have used them twice and have zero complaints. The prices are a tiny bit higher than if you were to shop on your own BUT they offer a discount if you order ahead. The convenience and time savings of ordering through GG is priceless, in my opinion.
I can’t imagine taking an hour or two out of our precious Disney time to run errands!


They are very close, however, as others have stated you may want to pay for the convenience of having it delivered.

I’d pack a couple of cooler bags and stop on the way. I’m picky about produce and meat and in my experience, which is fairly extensive, grocery delivery services rarely deliver what I would have chosen myself. If you’re only getting non-perishables then GG is fine, provided you’re going to get the $40 minimum and you’re okay with paying a 20-30% delivery fee in addition to higher per item prices.

We had a wonderful experience with GG. They delivered exactly as promised. It was so convenient to not have to go out shopping after a long trip, and we ordered again mid-week, so we didn’t have to take time away from our time in the parks. You pay for that convenience, but it’s not a huge amount and it was worth it for us.

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