Garden Grocer vs. Amazon Prime Now

Traveling in July and staying BLT so we definitely want to do a grocery order. This will be out first time needing this so would love to hear your experience using either Garden Grocer or Amazon Prime Now. Which one is better? And how do I place the order and when?

Hi lizard428. Our family has used Garden Grocer many times and have been very satisfied with their service. Go to and place and pay for your order online. You will select the resort and delivery date and time.

Question #1: Does Amazon Prime deliver everything that you’ll want? (Perishables such as milk, fruit, etc.)

Question #2: Does Garden Grocer deliver everything that you’ll want? (They have a limited selection.)

In March, we ordered groceries through Instacart/Publix. The selection was much greater than Garden Grocer, with much better prices. We’re not Amazon Prime members, so we never investigated that option. Delivery was on time, and got everything we wanted. We would recommend using again, though I would hold off on registering until a week prior to your delivery date, because they have introductory specials.

Agree with @mikeandkelli, we used Publix/Instacart in April and were very happy with them. They were cheaper than Garden Grocer and had a better selection. I don’t have any experience with Amazon Prime Now to compare.

I believe Safeway also delivers to the resorts.

Staying at Beach Club, how much will fit in the frig?

Haven’t used Amazon Prime Now, but the only thing I didn’t really like about GG was the high cost of the minimum order. You needed to purchase at least $40 worth of items to start, and then there’s a delivery fee ($14) on top of that, before tip. While that might be easily doable for most people, I would’ve preferred $20 to start instead, like Amazon Prime Now seems to offer.

Still, everything was delivered on time and all the items were there and undamaged, so I certainly can’t complain too much. They also had the stuff I was actually after (like variety packs of cereal boxes), so that was good too.

As for how/when to place your order, if you do GG, go to their site ( and place the order anytime. If you place the order 60 days or more before you go, you get 10% off.

On our recent stay (march/april), I price checked everything and amazon was cheaper on most things that GG. But, it didn’t have everything GG had. I ended up splitting my order. Got as much as I could from Amazon and the rest from GG. That worked well for us. we were there for 8 days staying DVC so had enough of an order to make splitting worth it.

Thank you everyone for your replies! We will be there 8 nights, 7 full days and traveling with a 1 yo (and 9 yo) so will definitely need perishables like milk, fruit, etc for the little one. I will have to check the selection out and also consider Publix for selection of items.

So here’s a question almost appropriate for this thread haha. Can we buy things on Amazon that aren’t food and have them shipped to the resort for pick up? How do people go about setting that up? My wife and I were going to send a couple cheap camping chairs for nighttime when we put the kiddos (3 and 6) to bed and we can sit outside the room with the monitor and talk, eat, and read until we go back in to bed. Well mostly eat. And then eat some more. Thanks for any insight!

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Yes you can! You would make the hotel the delivery address on your order and include your name as a guest. For example:

GUEST: Judy Hops
Bay Lake Tower
1 Kingdom Lane
Kissimmee, FL (not the actual address)

Your best bet is to call the resort and ask them what address to use.

Super! Thanks!

DH and I have done that the last couple of trips with DS3 - we call it our “Pop Century balcony.” :wink: We just used the in-room chairs, which should work for most every resort. Just sharing in case you want to save a couple of bucks.

To “enhance” the “experience,” we asked for top floor, lake view rooms, so we could get a decent view while we sat outside.


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I did a side-by-side on the groceries I needed, and the difference was about $2 (GG being cheaper), however with your first Amazon Prime Now purchase you get $10 off using a promo code, so it was a bit cheaper.

We are not arriving till the evening. Do yo know if we can order that late and get it delivered or do they only deliver certain times of the day from Publix?

I think the latest time was 9-10pm in April. We picked that and they were there about 9:10. I had told them to drop off at bell services, so once Publix texted that they had made the delivery, I called bell services and they brought it to the room about 30 minutes later. They will keep things cold at bell services though, in case you get in really late.

Thanks! We were going to get an Uber but this sounds better!

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This was the first time we had groceries delivered in Orlando, we usually stop at the grocery store in our rental car. It was so much more convenient, for about the same price. I loved it!

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