Garden grocer vs. amazon pantry

ok so I have been going back and forth on Amazon pantry vs. garden grocer. it seemed at first that amazon pantry would be cheaper to ship since I had a prime account but when you start adding cases of water the box fills up pretty quickly and I would probably need 2 boxes which would be the same as garden grocer. GC does have a $40 min which I am not sure I will hit since I am really just getting snacks and drinks. Garden Grocer does have the refrigerated stuff which is a plus since I will need milk for my little guy anyway. GC still had times available for my check in date so now I am leaning towards them. Someone please help me decide

You may want to consider Staples for the water. Shipping is free when you sign up for a free rewards account. I am getting Deer Park water shipped to the resort - 24 bottles for $6.99. I would do that and a Prime Pantry box if you need other food items, including shelf-stable milk. Or buy the milk at your resort - they sell half gallons for reasonable prices I think everywhere. I priced out Garden Grocer once and it just didn’t make sense for us - but I do know that a lot of people swear by it.

Only other thing to keep in mind is that some places that are also “convention centers” do have a fee for package pickup, so if you are staying at one of those, just be aware of that issue. Not sure if it applied to Garden Grocer or not.

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