Garden grocer. How inflated are prices?

I’m doing a list for some groceries to be delivered to our resort. It would certainly save time, but coming from the UK, I’m wondering how inflated the prices are. Blueberries for example, seem extremely expensive.are we as well to just take a trip to the supermarket?

I agree, i have been looking at this for our visit in August and appears that you are paying for (as usual) convienience. It is however better priced than some others and does have photos and descriptions better than some others as well.


a) Coming from Canada, the prices seem great. :confounded:
b) The convenience of having the food RIGHT THERE WAITING FOR YOU without having to travel to a grocery store (especially if you don’t have a car) and find your way around an unknown grocery story is huge.
c) Unexpected benefit: by planning ahead (number of breakfasts, snacks, etc) I was able to buy just the right amount of food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, for our trip, rather than overloading the cart with unhealthy snacks “just in case”.
It’s been well worth it for us x 2.


We do it for convenience and to us the time saved and cab fare is worth it. This is our 2nd time. Love it!


We found it quite reasonable for the convenience


well, I drive so we bring what we need, but I can tell you that Publix has cheerios on sale 2 boxes for $4 this week and they are charging 5.19 a box. Bananas are 29Cents a pound. The water is 3.99. The blueberries are less than $4. The milk is about a dollar less. The pringles are 1.50.

So, yes, the prices are high. And yes, you will pay a fee on top of this for delivery. So, if you factor in a cab ride the higher prices are probably going to be at the break even level.

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The prices are high, but you have to consider some factors.

Will you have a rental car? Because if you do not, it is better to pay the prices of garden grocer rather then take cabs.

If you have a car, you have to figure out if it is worth it for you to take the time out and go shopping, or pay the price?

And figure overall you will pay more if you are only buying from Disney.

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Will have a car…I guess I just need to consider the convenience factor.

We traveled a few years ago (via car to WDW) with extended family. One adult was sick, so DH and I were designated as the ones to go to the grocery. I vowed then to never do that again. It was just not worth it to me. If it is just the two of us and we drive, we normally bring what we two need. Otherwise, Amazon Pantry or Garden Grocer (fresh fruits).

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We are also placing an order with Garden Grocer for August (no rental car) mostly for dairy/drinks/produce. Can anyone tell me if the fridge’s in the renovated rooms at the beach club (Standard/Non-DVC room) are the same mini fridge w/no freezer compartment or have they been replaced with the slightly larger mini-fridges with the small separate freezer compartment. I don’t want to order more items then will fit in the fridge and the freezer compartment would be great for freezing drinks for the next day.

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You might want to post this as a separate query so it gets seen more?

I would also consider how much you save by not having to be the even more inflated onsite prices for such things. You can save a bundle on water alone, if you drink a ton of it like we do.

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Break even? I’m not so sure.

Yes the prices are higher, at least 20-30% versus the most reasonable super market, but consider the following:

  1. Spending your ‘vacation time’ that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on being spent grocery shopping.
  2. Transportation whether renting a car or getting a cab completely voids any benefit vs. having food delivered.
  3. The delivery fee is next to nill if you spend $200+, it’s only $2.
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What if you only want a few things- say a case of water? What is the fee? Or is there somewhere else (within walking distance) of either the Epcot resorts or AKL that you can get it?

$14 under $200 order. Some people order water from Amazon or staples. Some if stroller hire companies offer it as an extra if you’re hiring one.

Here is the link:

Poking around the site will let you know what you need. I believe there is a $40 minimum order with a $14 delivery fee. I have not done it myself.

There is nothing within walking distance. The resort is huge and you would have to leave resort property in order to buy a case of water. And then carry said case back with you.

As @docmcstubbins said people have used amazon or staples. I have flown SW so each person gets 2 checked bags free, so we loaded a spare duffle bad with water and checked it, it worked out fine for us, we even had water to bring home.

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I don’t think the prices are that inflated…some are slightly higher than what I would pay at home. But the convenience factor is huge. We used them for our last trip and when we arrived in our room, GG had already delivered and put all of the cold stuff in the fridge. I literally had to do nothing. We will use them again in June. In fact, I just added on some laundry detergent onto my order so I don’t have to stop somewhere and waste my valuable Disney time in a grocery store! :slight_smile:

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I agree. The convenience is priceless. I didn’t find the prices to be too crazy - especially when comparing to resort/park prices. We didn’t have a car but, even if we did, I would have still ordered from GG. I wouldn’t want to take time away from my vacation to go grocery shopping. We ordered fruits, bread, dairy, etc. from GG and also had an Amazon Pantry box delivered (peanut butter, jelly, snacks, diapers, wipes, etc.)


I love grocery shopping so it isn’t an issue for me. I don’t vacation like most people though, just a few days at a time, so bringing stuff and going offsite for food or anything else isn’t a big deal.

I still would just stop at the store if you already have a car.