Garden Grocer delivery - tipping

I'm placing my order for Garden Grocers, and there is a separate box for gratuity at check out.
How much is considered normal here?
We will be checking in very late, and our delivery will be made to bell services, so we won't be able to tip the delivery person directly.

We have a very different tipping-system in Norway, so your rules for tipping are quite terrifying.. wink
Your help is much appreciated! smile

Good question @akershus. I'm using them for the first time this December.

No idea. But, we use a similar service here in NYC and typically tip $5. No idea if that's bad or good. But, doesn't GG charge for delivery? In that case, I'd stick w 5

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I tip $5 on the website to GG, but then another $5 to Dis Bell Services who bring to car or room.

@akershus I live in NY and I shake my head at all of the tipping at times.

This may help you a bit:

Good luck, and don't feel bad, even those who live here get confused at it, or at least I do. wink

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