Garden Grocer delivery question

I’m very interested in placing an order with the Garden Grocer for some perishable items. I’m curious how delivery works. Once the order is placed, does the delivery go to a holding area at the resort? or do I need to be at the resort at the designated delivery time? We’re staying at POR. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!

They will deliver to bell services at the resort and any refrigerated items will be kept cold there. You do not need to be there for delivery. When you get to your room, you can call down to bell services and they will deliver the groceries up to your room.

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Thank you! Very helpful info! This is such a convenient service. I think it’s going to be worth every penny!

I had a great experience ordering from Garden Grocer back in June. They called me after I ordered online just to make sure I really wanted 5 cases of water.:slightly_smiling_face: They also called after my order arrived to check that I was satisfied with everything. We were really happy with the service.

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You sound like me…I need a case to myself!

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There were six of us there for nine very hot days!! :smile:

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I was also told when giving the delivery information, use this format:

Your name
"GUEST - arriving mm/dd/yy "
Hotel address

If it doesn’t have the line GUEST, then it will be assumed it is a trade delivery.

It totally is! You will love it :slight_smile:

Yes, I was quite impressed by the post-delivery phone call. Definitely committed to excellence in service!

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You don’t have to give any delivery information per se.

You fill out the online form indicating resort and arrival date and it gets to you. I never wrote “GUEST” or anything like that.

We are staying offsite at Bonnetcreek. Would this still apply there?

It looks like Wyndham Bonnet Creek is one of the resorts they deliver to.

Be sure to have your order placed well in advance- at least 2 weeks…there are discounts for placing early as well.