Garden Grill?

Do you like the food better at breakfast or dinner? On the dining plan, so it is one credit either way. Is the character interaction good at both? Thanks!

We like breakfast since we do pre park opening for the Soarin advantage. We also tour in summer and after a day of heat and sun, the dinner, while delicious, is not as appealing. Characters were great both at breakfast and dinner every time we’ve gone! Love Garden Grill!

I like breakfast better. Character interaction was great at both.

The character interaction is great at both. I enjoyed the food at both breakfast and dinner, but if I had to pick I would go with breakfast (but I really love breakfast food in general).

We enjoyed dinner. I hate to use my dining on breakfast because we just eat a bowl of cereal in the morning and out the door we go. Although, I like the idea of an early breakfast and then walk right into Soarin’ when it opens. Good luck!

Over the years we have done both breakfast and lunch there, and while both were good, I have to give a nod to breakfast.

we thought the breakfast was one of our best meals! i’d book it again no questions asked.

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We’ve never done dinner. Did breakfast as PPO so we could hop on Soarin’ early. My DD13 loved it and asked if we could go again this time. Character interaction is great. They really took their time and goofed off with my kids. Mickey even snuck up behind me and made funny gestures before I knew he was there. My family loved it.

We are booked at GG with a party of 8 in April. I read recently that seating for large parties is not ideal. Anyone know what that means? I booked because I think my GKs would like the rotating part and having a view of LWTL. Should I try for two tables of 4?