Garden Grill seating

Do they have any 5 person booths? When my dumbass made the reservations I made one for 5 and one for 4. I have 10 people. I messed myself thinking about a 6/4 or 5/5 split. I realized my mistake but then couln’t get anything else and assumed at the time that if a table holds 5, it will hold 6, but then I thought about booths. So far I haven’t been able to get through to disney dining.

We actually fit 8 adults plus my 2 yr old niece in one of the booths. I miss going there for breakfast.

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I know they have larger booths, just hoping they don’t have booths that sit 5 max. I’m sad that it’s not for breakfast! Hopefully dinner will be just as good.

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When we were there in May, we had a booth that could have comfortably fit 5 people.
Did you try the modify option on your ADR? If you can get through on the phone, Disney Dining might be able to modify, although they say that they can’t book anything that you are able to see. If you can’t get through on the phone, did you try emailing guest services? Over the past year or so, they don’t always respond.

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I did try to modify. I haven’t thought of emailing, I’ll try that. Thanks!

When I checked in for my reservations on my last trip, it let me add an additional person

The booths are huge so I wouldn’t worry too much. When we checked in July, they asked us if we wanted a booth or a table.