Garden grill or akerhouse

Which buffet character dining is better. I have a son and daughter so I was leaning towards garden grill but which has better food. Better overall experience? I was thinking of breakfast if we can score an early reservation to allow us to ride Anna/Elsa or soarin before crowds got too crazy. Thoughts

I haven’t tried Garden Grill. I really Akershus for breakfast. Went twice during our last stay. Very delicious.

Haven’t done Akershus, but GG is served family-style (all you can eat, but they bring it to the table - I like not having to stress over trying to locate the characters before running to the buffet for fear of missing them). Chip and Dale are hilarious. The rotating restaurant is also a fun novelty. Personally, I would do GG and go to Soarin rather than Akershus and feeling like I had to rush to FEA - Soarin is higher capacity, so even if you are a few minutes into the RD crowd, it won’t be as long of a line.

If you choose akershus, you will only be able to meet maybe 3 princesses before you need to get out to get in line. I think it would be too rushed with young children. I did it with my mother, and we were fine but we were also only wanting to meet Aurora who luckily came out first. I’d FP FEA and do GG and soarin.

For breakfast, I don’t think the food is too different. Biggest difference is family style at GG vs. buffet at Akershus and of course the characters and destination ride. For dinner, there is a bigger difference in food as the Akershus buffet is very Norwegian oriented which could be good or bad depending - the rest of my family was not thrilled with the choices when we did it. If you can FP FEA, I’d go Garden Grill as the better choice personally as it is more likely both kids will enjoy the characters while your son might be put off by the princesses…