Garden Grill Lunch ADR--Keep or Drop?

Currently, I have a reservation for Garden Grill lunch and then a park hop to AK for Yak and Yeti for dinner. Y&Y is a definite for us–it is my daughter’s favorite. If I keep this schedule for that day’s meals, we will be paying out of pocket for Yak and Yeti and using our free dining on Garden Grill.
My questions:

  1. Is the lunch food good at Garden Grill? Ie, good enough to justify paying for Y&Y OOP?
  2. Are the character interactions worth it?

Thanks in advance!

Lunch & Dinner are effectively the same at GG - family style service with 3 choices of entree and as much of each as you like. I think right now the choices are Pot Roast, Turkey Breast & Italian Sausage - I remember having a fish option at some point so I think it can vary slightly although the fish may have been long ago. We have always found the food quality to be very good and it is one of our favorite character meals.

I would say the character interaction is the best of any character meals we have done. Chip & Dale are great and provide wonderful interaction particularly if you have anything for them to focus on like a Chip/Dale pin or socks or something. They do a great job posing with kids as well. Farmer Mickey & Pluto are fine, but I’ve always thought Chip & Dale were the stars of this meet and greet. We love Garden Grill and try to catch it once each trip…


My middle daughter is a huge Rescue Rangers fan so I know she would get a kick out of this–and wear her Rescue Rangers shirt! lol

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I’d change the Garden Grill to a breakfast slot (you could get the last one before changeover to lunch) breakfast s awesome and we loved meeting chip dale mickey and Pluto (look to see what it says on his collar). Then you will have time to settle on that food before looking forward to your Yak and Yeti dinner (which we also love) Have Fun!