Garden Grill Breakfast

I’ve had an alert set forever, but what do we think the chances are I’ll score an 8am Garden Grill breakfast? Slim to none? We changed our days around to accommodate EMM at HS and didn’t book GG at 180. My kids really want this character meal only. :slight_smile: I’m hoping to score a PPO one.

Don’t give up! As everyone gets closer to their trips they tighten up plans, and often hard to get stuff becomes available, sometimes just the day before. Double check the alert is set, and be ready to pounce when it comes through. Good luck!


I think you’ll get it, but I’m an eternal optimist! I imagine you might not get notice until a week or so out as people are changing their plans constantly. Keep looking and I recommend grabbing any breakfast reservation you can find there. It is well worth it!

Side note, I’m not sure if this is a one-off, but when we went in December we had a 10:30am breakfast at Garden Grill. My husband walked up to the line for guests entering for PPO breakfast and said we had a breakfast reservation. They scanned his band, confirmed we had a breakfast reservation and waived us in. We walked right on to Soarin’ minutes before the park’s official opening. It made me wonder if just having a breakfast reservation was enough to get you through the door or if this was just a kind cast member who sent some magic our way. Either way, it was great!


I would take any PPO reservation - 8:30, 8:45 etc. If you go early - they will probably seat you early. If you can’t find one - try for like a 10:00 or so reservation. You can rope drop and hit Soarin and Living with the Land and then head up to breakfast. Garden Grill breakfast might be my favorite breakfast.


I never got an alert on an 8AM for GG on my trip the first week in Sept. I had it set from about 120 days out.
However, I did have an 8:20 and I was able to go in and get seated right away. If you can get anything PPO you should be able to get into the park & get seated when you get there

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