Garden Grill Breakfast at 8 am

Hello, I have a question about an early morning breakfast at Garden Grill on one of the days in which we are there, and on that particular day, the park opens up at 8 am for EMH. My reservation is at 8 am, so what time would be realistic to be at the park for them to let us in with an ADR? Also, are there any good spots to get photos, either with one of their photographers or even us taking pictures in which there wouldn’t be a mob of people in the background? Thanks so much in advance!

We just did this in April, though our ADR was for 8:30am (I had 8am, but I decided that a few more minutes sleep was worth it). We still got to the International Gateway from the Dolphin by a few minutes before 8, and we were let right in. We saw no photographers (or any CMs that we saw) at that hour between the IG and the Land, but the park was largely empty and there were lots of beautiful clear shots of the World Showcase. We were there during F&G so we had lots of really nice pics of the specialty gardens in the area with no people in the way.

BTW, it was our first time for Garden Grill, and we thought the food and the service was really very good! Our server was from Peru and insisted that we try the salsas (roja and verde) with the scrambled eggs and tater tots, and he was right. He said they were made fresh daily from the produce grown in the Land. They were a standout to the meal and made the standard mass produced scrambled eggs much more enjoyable.

Thank you for your reply! We ate there last year, but it was for lunch or an early dinner, whatever they have at around 3 in the afternoon, and it had been a rough day with my son who was three at the time. I barely ate anything, and can’t recall what I did eat. This is great to know about the salsas, especially since I am not a huge breakfast fan as it is. Hopefully the others in my group can their butts up out of bed without complaints on these early morning reservations. I have no problem, and neither does my four year old, and when I go on vacation I want to see and experience as much as I can. Thanks again for your helpful information!

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I took a fair number of pics in front of the ball around 8:17 the morning of our GG breakfast and I have no one at all in the pictures. Frankly the park was almost bizarrely empty when we arrived. Not sure if we got lucky, or if that’s the norm for Epcot - this was last December when GG had first opened for breakfast so it’s possible it wasn’t heavily booked then perhaps?

I think you can get in at 7:45, so arriving then or a touch before to give you a few minutes for pictures is likely wise. It’s probably a 5-7 minute walk from the entrance to GG.