Gaming the FPP system

Hi all.

Quick one - my son is not all that big on thrill rides. I have an existing FP for Tower of Terror with our entire touring party. I can’t get a second for myself at Rockin’ Roller Coaster because it’s the same class.

So can I change the FPPs, and put just a single for me at the Tower, and then minutes later a single for my son at Aerosmith, and swap magic bands as I’m walking over there?

You can change FPP for individual people. Also, ToT has a single rider line. That can let you have a fairly short wait without a FPP. Yes, people do swap bands to take advantage of others’ FPP the owner really won’t do.

You can switch MBs if you want- no problem. ToT does not have a single rider line- RnR does.

My bad, I knew it was RnR with the single rider, but my fingers typed ToT. Thanks for the correction.

Wait, what? Is ToT Tier 1 now??? If so, ick.

Single Rider Line! Of course! Why, a child could do it now!

No, it is tier 2.

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