Game Plan for DHS/EPCOT

Sunday, 7/24 is my scheduled day for DHS and EPCOT. It has been 11 years since my friend that is traveling w/ me has visited WDW and I am trying to plan her favorite (ToT) and then hit all the new stuff she has yet to experience. The 24th is the only day in our busy schedule that we have for DHS & EPCOT with our priorites sitting mostly in DHS (will rope drop ETPE) but definitely would like a shot (or two) at riding GOTG. That evening we have reservations at Flying Fish at 5:35 as part of the Epic Liner Meet festivities.

After reading through the entire BG1 thread, I will be setting it up for my phone. Friend is not overly tech savvy so I am hesitant to have her do so.

With all that, I am looking for some guidance as to a game plan to achieve all of our goals for the day, if possible!

DHS priorites (in order)
Frozen Sing Along

We also have an Oga’s reservation at noon.

All of the above is currently in a touring plan that ends at 2pm and I marked ROTR as using an ILL. I am hoping that we can end earlier using BG1/Genie+, but the TP shows it is all technically feasible.

Our EPCOT priority is GOTG, and I am willing to do both VQ and ILL if we could possible ride twice …but we need to do so in between 2pm and 5pm in order to make it to Flying Fish by 5:35pm.

So given all that…here are the questions:

I figure I can have my friend grab ILLs for both GOTG and ROTR at 7am since neither can be done w/ BG1. Which do you think she should try for first?

What would be a good game plan for me at 7am given our list of priorities at DHS and wanting to grab a VQ for GOTG? Thoughts?

I think RotR should be first priority.

The only way you can get a BG for GotG is if there are some left when you enter the park after 1.47 - which is possible. So you can concentrate on the LL. Maybe TOT since it only has one side running at the moment, or whatever Jeff’s post lists as highest priority which must be SDD.


Friend gets RotR then GotG
You can’t get BG because you either need a park reservation for Epcot or be in the park for 1:00 time. So focus on just LL. I would get early LL for ToT and RD SDD. After SDD go to MFSR. We did this recently and walked on MFSR. If you got an early TOT you can head there next. Get next LL which could be TSMM or MMRR…

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I forgot about the darn having to have a park reservation for the VQ.

I was trying to get an opportunity for my friend to ride twice, but I am sure she will be okay with once. I will be back at EPCOT the following day (she is heading home) so I will have a couple more chances at it.

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Yep I still haven’t wrapped my head around park reservations entirely. I used to head to AK first thing in the morning and be back before my family woke up to visit our park du jour.


I hope you get to all of this, but in trying to manage exceptions. I think it will be very difficult to accomplish all of this by 2:00 pm given how quickly the early LL retrun times go in HS, You will need a fair amount of luck with LL availability and short lines. To me this seems more like a plan you would need to come back in the evening with a few stacked LLs to complete.

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We can’t come back (unless WDW magically extends closing time to 11p or 12a, but not counting on that!!)

This is a wish list in priority order, if we don’t get to some at the bottom it won’t be the end of the world.

That said, the TP that I built says it is possible …but I also know that it may not be accurate so the wish list is just that.

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I would recommend looking at the Tip Board for wait times and LL return times for a few days as you get closer to your departure day so you get a sense of what things will be like for your HS day. I think HS is the most challenging park.

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