Galexys egde and crowds

We have our trip planned for September 26-oct 3. Originally was going to do HS on Saturday September 28 and MK monday the 30… now with galaxys edge im worried i should swap and do MK Saturday and HS monday… any thoughts???

Not what you want to hear, but I suspect both parks will be swamped both days. Monday the 30th is a “non-MNSSHP” day at MK so the crowds will be high and crowds at MK are always high on Saturdays. I expect DHS will be packed every day for a while after Star Wars opens.

Are there any reasons other than crowd levels for you to prefer going to one of the parks on a certain day?


I usually mao.out what parks on what days by looking at a few different crowd calendars and then make dining reservations from there. When i booked and planned HS was not a bad day crowd calendar wise on satrday. We will be attending MK for MNSSHP as well that week so i wanted to do MK for a non party night to see the Happily Ever After Fireworks…

I would swap or at least keep your options open until more details are released.

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What are your current ADR for those days? Is there availability for you to switch them to the other days?

We are going to be there around the same time :slight_smile: Mine is Sat - Sept 28th through Sat - Oct 5th - with us going to the parks Sun - Fri. I have:
HS - Mon
EP - Tue
EP - Thur

Was worried about the same thing but at this point have picked my days, done the ADRs so let the chips fall where they may - unless - something drastic happens to the CLs - then may need to rethink.


Wlmom- Same dates here! And almost the same plan except Monday will be AK and Tuesday HS (mainly because we want to take Weds as our rest day and so I plan on Tuesday being long, hot and tiresome at HS so I choose HS for our Tuesday).


Ive been looking to switch my adr with no luck so if i switch i loose them

At this point in time no one can really predict what SWGE will do to crowd levels. Its safe to say that DHS will likely be packed every day after SWGE opens. Now if they do what they announced they were doing at DL and allow entry into SWGE by advanced reservation early, the crowds may be mitigated a bit. The closest thing to “data” that we’ll get is after the DL SWGE opens, but we all know that there are major differences between DL crowds and WDW crowds…


I think that by the time FPs open for those visiting toward the end of August, the DL ‘experiment’ should have yielded results and we will know how entry to SW-GE will be addressed at WDW. ADRs may be a bit of a mad scramble though. Also, if they grant entry based on reservations, those with a split stay and therefore two or more reservations, may have an advantage.

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