Galaxy's Edge opening effect on parks

So we have a trip written in stone for September 6-12. Should we attempt HS? How bad will other parks be? HS has already jumped from a 1to a 2 to to a 6 before the GE opening announcement. Very discouraged!

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It’s all speculation at this point. I would think SW:GE is the most anticipated theme park “land” opening ever so there is no good historical precedent to look at. My guess (and I think the guess of many others) is that HS will be a CL 10 each of your days. The other parks are harder calls, but if I were going September 6-12, I would go in expecting at least a 7-8 in each park (other than HS).

That said, other than HS, I would expect a good TP (starting at RD) would still be effective.