Galaxys Edge Opening Date Rumor

Someone may have already figured this out, but saw this: However this was 2 days ago and apparently at that time, you couldn’t purchase park tickets past December 16, but now you can…so who knows

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There is absolutely no way that even Disney execs know yet what date it will open! They will have a target date, but at the moment there are too many variables for them to be confident even within a month of that date.

Until they announce a date for DL, then any speculation about WDW is just that. :joy:


Really poor logic here. I don’t get why they think A = B


Agree - and you can get tickets now after the 16th. Yes they go up to 70 dollars on the 17th but I am sure that is because the holiday season and not because of an opening date for GE

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Not only that, you could get tickets before starting on the 16th, which could have been used until the end of the year.

It was a ridiculous rumour from some over-enthusiastic fans …!

Yea - should probz delete. Although I am trying to avoid the opening, so the later in 2019 the better for me. My DH would love to go, but I don’t want to deal with the crowds


Don’t delete it. There are plenty of people who probably read the original rumour and started thinking there 2s something in it. At least this way, they’ll see it hasn’t got any basis for it.

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been suggested for some time now. Makes sense for several reasons. But narrowing down the dates based on the new tickets was “over-enthusiastic” at best.

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Len & Jim talked about it on the Disney Dish in the most recent episode.

I’ll be going the first or second week in Dec for reasons that have nothing to do with SWGE. I am somewhat ambivalent about the opening date. If it’s open, I’ll probably try to see it, if it isn’t, the overall trip will be much easier to plan/enjoy.

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Same Here