Galaxy's Edge open at After Hours?

Does anybody have some info about this?
I travel to Disneyworld in December and like to take advantage of this if Galaxy’s Edge is open at the after Hours


Well Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t even open until 29th August and After Hours events haven’t been released for December - only up to the end of July.

That said, if there are After Hours available, I would imagine GE will be included. But it’s really too early to know anything for sure.

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Zero chance it will be included in the general DHS After Hours. Zero.

They might do a SWGE After Hours. But no way they’re throwing it in with the existing one.

Fair enough. @pspoel you have your answer, @mousematt has spoken.

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Don’t hate me because I’m right about everything always.

You don’t know if you’re right yet but feel free to remind me at a later date when you have proof.

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Okay, thank for your reply.

@mousematt so maybe an SWGE After Hours while it is inside DHS…?
Is this normal or did they do it in the past with new lands?

And I don’t hate your reply, I think it’s valuable to learn from everybody!

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If I had to remind people that I’d been right every time I’d been right I’d never have time to do anything else.

But, seriously, it wouldn’t make sense for Disney to include SWGE in the current DAH at DHS. They’d be leaving money on the table. And they don’t typically do that.

It seems likely they’ll do SWGE After Hours, which would make perfect sense for a variety of reasons. It’ll raise tens of thousands of dollars a night in extra revenue. And it’ll help manage daytime crowd levels.

No they haven’t done it in the past. The main draw of After Hours is obviously to ride a lot with short wait times, and the newer lands only have 2 or 3 rides, which makes that difficult unless they hardly let anyone in. Galaxy’s Edge might still only have 1 ride in December, though I think people do expect the second ride to open around that time.

They do have the TSL early morning magic event though.

Not scheduled for December at this point.

No I was answering the question the OP asked do they have After Hours just for new lands.

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Ahh, sorry, skimmed too fast!!

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@mousematt has most likely contacted Disney already to let them know he’ll give them all of his money for tickets to DAH at swge. So thank him when the price is ridiculous. :rofl: