Galaxy’s Edge with a reservation for Oga’s and Savi’s

I apologize if this has been discussed already but has Disney officially stated how they will handle entry into the land if we have reservations in hand? My husband is planning on being in line about 3 a.m. but I and my daughter do not! If they close the park do you think we will still be allowed in? We have a 9:10 for Oga’s and a 10:30 for Savi and are staying on-site. We’ve gotten conflicting answers over the chat on their website.

Anyone named on a reservation will be allowed in an hour beforehand, even if the Land is at capacity.

The only issue arises if not everyone is listed on one of the reservations, or can be counted as the “plus one” guest for droid or light sabre building.

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Here’s a link to another thread where I posted a screenshot of an email from Disney to someone asking the same question:

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