Galaxy’s Edge entrance

Are you able to now enter GE from Toy Story Land or is it still just an exit?

Entrance and exit is at Muppets only as of this past week.

mmm I don’t think so? I was able to enter/exit from either TSL or Muppets. TSL is considered the “exit” but I was able to enter in from there. I enjoyed going through the main entrance though so I used that mostly.

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Interesting. It was blocked by cast members when I was there and I had to use the one access point to enter and exit.

Well at least they’re inconsistent. :rofl: I remember on…thursday(I think it was thursday) I left via TSL, hopped onto SDD for my FPP…then went right back into Batuu, no one said nothin’ to me.

(Go through the main entrance anyway, it’s more of an “experience” :smiley: )

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I wonder if it changes after EEMH. It was still early when I tried to use the TSL path. Disney definitely keeps you guessing.

I’m debating whether to go first to SDD at the start of EEMH to avoid the big rush to GE then going to MF. It would be easier to get to GE if they let us enter that way. We have a reservation for Oga’s later so will enter via Grand Ave then. Thoughts?

Here this week, As of Monday 9/9. enter by Muppets 3D, exit into Toy Story Land. CM’s preventing re-entry via TSL.

Today, 9/10, we entered SW:GE from TSL after doing TSM a couple times. It was approaching 11:00 a.m. We had no resistance from the few cast members standing near the TSL entrance.

Also today, we did Oga’s Cantina without a reservation. They took my name and party count, and had us wait about 20 minutes.


Today (Sept 10) was in and out from either side. This was after 12pm. Crowd Level was a 1 or 2. 40mins to ride Smugglers Run after lunch, 16 mins at 952pm.

I’m sure crowd density is a factor, and they’re still making it up as they go to some extent

Curious how many in your party? ( I have not been able to get Oga’s reservations no matter how hard I have tried. )

As of 9/11 … GE wide open, both entrances, no virtual boarding. EEMH or late night seem like ideal times to visit this week. Should see the land, both during the day and at night.

4 of us. I lucked out and got reservations the 1st day they opened online.

Just 2 of us. Other groups waiting in line had 2, 3, or 4 - as far as I noticed. I think the actual wait was closer to 10 min.

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