Galaxy Edge Time

This might be a silly question, but how long is it taking to walk around SWGE? We have a Oga’s reservation at 3:05 and a Droid Depot reservation at 5:20 or 5:50. We may try to ride Smugglers Run if the wait time fits in. If not, is there enough to look at for 1.5 - 2 hours? We will have 4 kids (10,8,6, 4.5y) and 4 adults (including two grandparents in there 70’s).

Not including the ride we took about 60 minutes just looking around and taking photopass photos.


You should have time to ride MFSR and look around all the shops in 2 hours. If you really stopped to smell the roses and had lunch at Ronto Roasters and/or Docking Bay 7, you could probably stretch out the browsing to 2 hours. But you’d probably get bored. Plan 60 min for MFSR and 60 min for browsing. 30 min would be sufficient as well, but not as leisurely.

If your kids (or the adults) get really into the tasks in the data pad you could probably fill the time walking around finding cargo to scan and intractive elements to interact with. But otherwise I agree with @Jeff_AZ. But if you’re up for an early dinner before the Droid Depot, we really liked the Docking Bay 7 quick service. My husband referred to it as “$60 of slop” early evening of Aug 29 but then he was the one to suggest it for lunch on Aug 30 while we waited for our droid time slot. Vindication!

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Great idea! Totally forgot about adding food in there!

Whoa whoa whoa. What’s this ‘data pad’? I feel shocked there’s something I haven’t read about yet! I’m also trying to get a handle on how much “wandering” time to set aside for GE. This sounds like it could be just the sort of thing my kids would love.

Within the Disney Play app, there’s a Galaxy’s Edge-specific data pad. If you click on WDW, then Hollywood Studios, and click on one of the “new game” icons in the SW:GE part of the map, the one that’s not over the Millennium Falcon. You can check it out even if you’re not there to practice, though the functionality is limited if you’re not there and my app is crashing when I try so I can’t refresh my memory about what works and what doesn’t. There’s a tutorial, though, that would be worth going through with your kids to see if they love it. My 11yo loved it, the 7yo didn’t really care. Here’s a touring plans blog about it.

My DS7 and DD5 loved the PlayDisney app! They especially loved translating signs and unlocking doors, etc. Just make sure to bring a battery charger - it drains your phone real quick! One thing that might help is to bring a WiFi-only device, or have the kids use their own phones so it doesn’t drain the battery on your phone.


Thank you! I will look this up for sure.

Yes, and it won’t work if you’re in battery saver mode.

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