Galactic Starcruiser Count as Onsite for ILL?

So we’ve booked this for June and therefore GotG will be open. We are literally popping in and out but I got us 8+pm flights home so we would have time to pop over to Epcot on check out day for GotG.

  1. Will I be able to buy ILL for this at 7am like a hotel guest?
  2. Also, does SWGS hold bags like a normal hotel?
  3. I assume they have no buses to anywhere (besides the train itself to DHS). I usually lyft anyways but just for confirmation.
  4. It doesn’t appear you can add a day to the DHS park ticket it comes with so I assume for Epcot I have to buy one day tickets?
  5. Which don’t seem to allow me to purchase Genie+ anymore?
  6. Does Genie+ ever run out and it’s not available for purchase the day of?

Some answers from regular Disney line:

  1. Yes
  1. You cannot prepurchase Genie+ on 1 day tickets

  2. Yes, Genie+ can run out and you may not be able to purchase day of.

I have to call Galactic Starcruiser to get the other answers…such as if I can add a day to my park ticket through them and then prepurchase Genie+

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I wonder if since this is a “cruise” and not a WDW hotel ! Park ticket package per se that you have to book and treat it as such.

Yes, I won’t be surprised if I cannot add to my 1 day ticket but I thought it’s worth a shot…save a few bucks and pre-add Genie+

But I am concerned about bags. We are only going for two nights so we could try to squeeze it all in four jansport sized backpacks. Would that fit in the large lockers in front of the park?

Also, the problem with having to call the Starcruiser to get these answers is they literally shut the phone line completely down. No, we’ll call you back or two hour hold. Just shut the phone line down.

A full sized backpack will fit in the large lockers for sure. I’ve also checked my bags at several WDW hotels I wasn’t even staying in. I just tell them I’m checking out so they don’t try to send it to my room that doesn’t exist.

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Also, the woman on the main line when I called to ask about adding Epcot, asked me if I was planning on staying on longer and doing more…um does she know how much this place costs? LOL

Is that even an option? I thought you just got your 38 hours and then you’re booted for the next round of guests.

I think you can add another hotel stay onto it like with a cruise

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If you aren’t using a Disney travel agent, I highly recommend it. They will get make the calls and book the tickets and trip for you.

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