Galactic spectacular dessert party

The dates are in MDE for the dessert party now. We’re not going to November but I just thought I’d check and every date is showing no availability. Could this be true already? Or maybe a glitch?

They have only been opening them a few weeks at a time. November has not been loaded yet.

Dates in Oct were filled within the last day or two

Sorry I meant I was checking October just to see what availability was like. Long day at work!

I think they have just load the dates for the FW. Should be any day! I did it tonight and loved it!


Any chance this week be available in January??

I am so bummed now. I have been checking for dessert party tickets for the Star wars fireworks for Oct 3rd every single day for a long time now. I was so happy last night (Norway time) that Disney finally released the fireworks schedule for Oct, and our HS day has fireworks! But there was still no info on dessert party tickets for Oct., so I went to sleep. I just woke up, and now the tickets are on sale, but Oct 3rd is already sold out!! :cry: I can handle the 180 day mark and the 60 day mark, but this is so unfair. It was my hope for our Star wars fan DS7 to be able to see the fireworks without large adults blocking the view.

I was so sure this would work. September dessert party days took many weeks to sell out…

I need a plan B now… Does anyone have any suggestions? What are the odds I will be able to get 3 tickets later, and if so - when? (when do people cancel their reservation if they can’t go?) And if I don’t get tickets - what is the best viewing place for a family with kids who aren’t able to fight to keep their viewing place for hours before the show?

I have now checked all Oct party dates, and ALL are apparently sold out! Could it be that Disney has scheduled the party dates, but not yet let people actually buy tickets? Or am I getting my hopes up in vain this Sunday morning?

Keep checking! I’m going in December and was waiting for Hoop de do. The dates were posted for at least a month but it kept saying no seats available.

I put in a dining reservation request on this site to try and make sure I didn’t miss it, and it worked! Got the date I wanted and happy now.

I’d put a request in for the Desert Party and keep checking yourself.

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I’ve been checking for the DP tickets every single day for at least a month - maybe two, as I am going in October too. I also checked yesterday, but they weren’t available. I find it difficult to believe that all the dates in October would have sold out within 24 hours. But, then, it is a relatively small group and there is only one time available. That is really frustrating, though!

Maybe they just haven’t come up in the system yet. It seems like this happened on one other ADR that I made – the dates were showing but no times were available for a long time. I wonder if anyone on TP might be able to confirm that he/she was actually able to get tickets in October.

@Nickysyme - Unfortunately, there’s no way to put in a request for a Dessert Party as far as I can tell.

There are reports that dates and times are loaded. Looks like maybe today.

Thanks, @Nickysyme, @PrincipalTinker and @RobertSch6! I will keep my fingers crossed and continue to check often. Would love to use reservation finder, but it doesn’t have dessert parties as an option to look out for, unfortunately :hushed:

I’ll keep checking too. If anyone here finds that the times are being posted, of course, first book your ressie, but then be sure to post here to give everyone a heads-up.:slight_smile:

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When I was waiting to book my star wars dessert party for Sept, they loaded times into the system but it was a whole day later before anyone could book tickets. Keep watching!


Trying to tag liners for first time, in the hope they get an email and log on!

So, @Frozen_Norwegians, @RobertSch6, you can book now! Good luck😀


The October dates are open for booking now.


Thanks. I was able to book mine! :grinning:


I did too!!! I am so happy! Thank you so much, fellow Liners! :smile:
DH and DS7 are so excited too!!! They think I am Super Mom who can fix everything, but in reality it was Super Liners who came to the rescue - again! You are the best! :blush:



The storm troopers were so much fun last night with the kids! One little girl was bossing them around!

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