Galactic nights update

ok now that it is closer is anyone else going?

I am considering adding a few days to the beginning of our trip to do this but I just don’t know if I should. Have you ever been? I’m curious if it would worth it. DS is a huge SW fan.

We haven’t. We did Star Wars weekend once and was great but do crazy packed you had to line up for 2 hours before the parade to see. With two under 10 kids and TSMM and buzz and woody no chance on waiting. I’m hoping this won’t be as crazy and not as hot since it’s at night. We all bought costumes. I’m Leia from episode 4. My DH is Han. DS age 9 is Kylo and DD age 10 is Captain Phasma. I know it’s a lot of $$ but we were doing resort only otherwise so splurged. Both kids (&adults) love Star Wars

Love the idea of dressing up. We attended SW weekend several times and enjoyed it so this is definitely appealing.

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