Galactic Nights 12/16 and MVMCP 12/17

Hey guys,

So I need some MAJOR help. Got a trip coming up 12/16-12/23, but on 12/16 we’re doing the Galactic Nights Event at HS. I didn’t go to the last one in April and am hoping someone who did may be able to help me out here. So I’ve heard a lot people cosplay for this event so me and my girlfriend got Kylo Ren and Rey costumes (obviously can’t bring the mask in tho). The event starts at 7 I think and our goal was to arrive around 430-530 and head over to Launch Bay immediately to meet Rey, BB-8, Chewbacca, and Kylo. Following that, we plan on working our way around the park from photo op to photo op to get them all. Then we want to meet Vader but idk what time we should over there (or how long the wait will be?). Next, we want to try a couple of the food options, but I’m thinking that shouldn’t take much time. We want to catch the projections on Tower of Terror and see the Darth Vader March as well. Then, assuming we have time, we’d ride Star Tours. But I want to get a good spot for Galaxy Far Far Away and Galactic Spectacular. What do you all think? Is this feasible or am I shooting for too much?

The following night, we have the Christmas Party at MK. We’re spending the day at AK then heading over to MK around 3ish. Our must do list looks like this:
Meet Moana
Meet Sandy Claws
Meet Mary Poppins, Bert, and Penguin
Get some of the free treats
Red Velvet Mickey Waffles
Holiday Wishes
We don’t really want to ride any rides because we have a disability pass so the short lines won’t really matter. We wanna do the 2nd parade since the first is supposedly more crowded. What I thought was get there, get in line for Jack since he gets there early, then make a mad dash for Moana. After meeting her we were gonna head to Mary Poppins and just knock that out as well. Then go around and get the freebies along with the red velvet waffles, if time allows, do some princess meets, get our spot for Parade, then catch the fireworks (or vice versa i cant remember which comes first), then watch the stage show at 11:55 and head out afterwards. What do you all think? I know it seems like a lot, but we both walk at a pretty quick speed and, if we have a plan, tend to stick to it. So, give me your feedback!!