G+ or no G+

We are leaving for DW on Friday, first time driving with our three kids (DS13, DS13, DS9) so wish us luck. This is our last trip for a long time for many reasons and we have not been to DW since May 2018. We are arriving Saturday and doing our first park day on Sunday. We have park hoppers, so we are hopping all week, most days doing mornings with EE, leaving for the afternoon and going to a different park early evening. Our first 2 day are AK/HS and HS/MK. I have no doubt that we will be at each park early in the morning to go for FOP and ROTR.

I had been contemplating doing G+ the first 2 days due to HS and MK and now I’m rethinking that. 11/29, Monday, has no park reservations for HS and MK and we will be at both that day. Judging from what people are experiencing this week, it looks like LL will probably run out before we even get to MK in the evening. I just don’t really want to pay for G+ for 5 people and wind up only getting a couple of LLs. So I’m really going to be relying on EE and taking that afternoon break. It also helps that we have 6 park days. I also don’t want to be stressed out dealing with G+.

But then I rethink things and I go back and forth about G+ because this will be our last trip for a long time. Is there anyone out there that has forgone G+ and was able to do most of what they wanted with things being more crowded?

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You can start booking your G+ LLs for MK while you are still in your first park.

So, let’s say you go to AK in the morning…book your first LL at MK, and then two hours later, book your second. By the time you actually hop to MK, you should have 3 LL reservations booked.

This is assuming you want to go ahead with G+.

Except that we are doing AK/HS and I might be only able to get 2 LL’s for HS because they are going very quickly.

And only getting 3 at MK seems kind of crazy for $80.

Have a great trip!

This for me is the important part here. Do the G+ so it will help to maximize your visit, even though you won’t know by how much.

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I’m not sure G+ is worth is for HS. Too few rides to make it worthwhile. From what I’ve seen so far, I think it really only makes sense for MK.

And I’m not suggesting you will only have 3 for MK. I’m saying by the time you get there and start riding, you can probably have 3 booked. You have more chance to book more after that at MK than other parks due to the sheer number of rides.


I think It can be easily worth it in DHS - there’s enough rides with really long lines that if you play around with it a little bit, you can save a lot of time in line at DHS. Much less useful at AK and Epcot.

If you are park hopping, I think it can be useful in almost any case. For me, we often take a midday break, and usually end up at a different park. So I could see us getting a few LL’s in the morning, and then as we go on our break start to stack them in the evening.


We have 2 park days planned for HS, just because I know there are lines there no matter what.

Yeah, I might consider it for our 2 evenings at MK, particularly 11/29. Since we have 2 park days planned for HS, we do have some time to wait in lines. We haven’t seen TSL or SWGE yet either.

We will be there at the same time and same park reservations funny enough. I’m not sure we will get G+ at this point. Loosing the ability to stack LL takes away the appeal in general plus the lack of availability due to demand kills the value.

We will probably go old school rope drop and good TP. Take breaks mid day and stay late.

I found this article helpful. Genie+ Collapsing in Crowds at Disney World - Disney Tourist Blog

I’ll be on chat a lot seeing what people are saying each day and making the call day by day. Good luck!

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I saw that article as well which really made me rethink G+. Good luck to you as well!

What a mess. Can you imagine Christmas break??? This makes my next trip sound less fun.


Not sure what to think about this @darkmite2


This corroborates what someone else I know was there this weekend said. he tried to count has he went through attractions, and he said it was, in his estimation, somewhere between 1:1 and 2:1 LL to standby.

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I just got through reading a ton of comments from recent WDW visitors posted in this article. :flushed: Saying it’s quite depressing is an understatement. I have to admit, I’m not sure if I can ever recommend purchasing G+ to anyone ever again.

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Hopefully this is reaching the upper levels of management and they overhaul/fix the system. IIRC FP+ was a bit of a mess when it first rolled out too, but at least then you weren’t paying for it.

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I’m starting to believe what Len said way back in August, but that it will happen sooner. He expects this whole new paid system to be completely different or gone by 5 years from now.


I give it 6 months to a year to be overhauled.


Fortunately, they fixed it when COVID came around. :grin:

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What was Len’s theory on what they will do?