G+ for DHS?

We leave for Disney tomorrow (!!) and I’m trying to decide when to get G+ and specifically if it would be worth it to get it for DHS. We’ll have a few hours there on arrival day and then are going for another full day. We won’t be riding ToT or RnRC (so less worth it maybe?) but definitely want to ride SDD. We’ll probably play it by ear to see what we get done tomorrow night but I guess in general does it make sense to get it for DHS? I feel like I still know nothing about G+ so any insight is appreciated!

I say yes on one of those DHS days just for SDD and MFSR but probably not both days. Between those two rides you are looking at 2 hours worth of waits unless you are rope dropping. So if all you get are those two LL’s then 15 bucks for 2 hours is pretty solid in my mind.

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Thanks that makes sense!! Definitely worth saving a few hours in line

If you have more than a full day at HS, I would say G+ is not necessary. All you’ve got is SDD, MFSR, and TSM with medium to long waits since you are not doing 2 others. If you’re ok with waiting longer in those lines, it seems you will have plenty of time for all the other things.

Also, the time savings may only be 1-2 hours max.

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