G+ amount restrictions when you park hop?

Just got off the phone with a cast member. She was helpful and the wait wasn’t to long. :smiley:

BUT at the end of the conversation she made sure I was aware that if I use G+ and park hop I can only make 2 G+ selections in each park.

Her example was if I went to MK and then EP I could only book 2 at MK and 2 at EP. From everything I’ve seen/read this information seems wrong. At the very minimum it seems like you could get 3 in each park. 7am, 11am, 1pm…park hop…3pm, 5pm and 7pm.

Am I missing something?

I hope this isn’t an upcoming change.

I hopped to all parks two weeks ago and had no issue with limits on Genie+. We went straight from 8:30 to 11pm so we had lots of opportunity to snag them.


Nope! But I’d say the CM was missing something - like correct information. There are no limits on the quantity of regular G+ LL. There is a limit on the ILL ones (the ones you pay for), of 2 per day total, whether both in the same park or one each in different parks.



Ok, good, I was pretty sure she had to be wrong. I even asked if she meant ILL, but she said no, G+LL. Thanks for clearing up her confusion.


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Please don’t kill the messenger, but…

FWIW, I just finished my final review call w/ a Disney travel agent for our trip starting this weekend. He’s the kind of guy who personally goes down to the world about every month, so he’s very plugged into the latest rumblings. He said that G+ policy is in fact changing either as of now, or as of some time in the very near future as in a few days. However, he described the limitation differently than what that CM described.

He didn’t say you could only have a max of 2 LL per park each day when hopping. He said you could only “hold” a maximum of 2 G+ bookings at any given time. It’s unclear to him if that also inclues the ILL time slots too, but he said he doubted it. Either way, it looks like Disney is on to the LL stacking hack & is trying to close that loophole. Apparently, they don’t like the idea of savvy park-goers grabbing their 7am LL/ILL times, and then rolling over to sleep/lounge in the resorts most of the day, and then only showing up at 3-4pm ready to unleash half dozen time slots within a compressed window of time.

To be fair, I’m also not 100% clear as to whether this only applies to park-hoppng scenarios, or if it’s a policy to discourage stacking & then late-arriving in general.

Time will tell!!

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Honestly I doubt his information is accurate either. He’s both speculating and telling you what they already did to close the loopholes. Whoever he spoke to is unlikely to have been told in advance of how it’s going to change.

That said I’m sure there will be changes over time.

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Agree, there will be changes over time, and not necessarily announced first.

This tips the scales for me if any of it is true. My plan was to park hop with a long midday lunch break/ relax time ( in and out of park). Then hop around 5 or so and use all the stacked LLs. It this plan wont specifically work, their is no need to buy G+, only some ILLs I predict by the time of my trip a G+ purchase will be mandatory to purchase ILLs as more and more ppl will skip G+.