FYI about adding days

Just an FYI about adding days to a multi-day ticket. We had 8 day tickets as part of a package purchased early in 2019. We arrived on 12/31 and today I went to add one day to our tickets. Rather than the $10/day that it used to be to add days to a ticket it was a whopping $65 per person per day. The cast member said that pricing is so variable these days that she can not even guess without entering it into the computer. Since this is a marathon weekend, the cost went up. Lesson learned, buy for the maximum days you think you will need up front and do not count on adding days cheaply towards the end of your vacation!

And, yes, she also asked first if we had any days remaining so if you MUST add to your tickets do it before you enter a park on the last day of the current ticket.

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It would seem they aren’t charging the difference between and 8 day and 9 day ticket, as they should, but instead charging the average cost per day for the ticket on those dates. That is wrong. I think the CM messed up…or Disney has changed the way they do it to their advantage.


This seems off from what I have seen people say even a couple of weeks ago.

I believe they charge the difference between what you paid for the ticket and the cost of the new length ticket today. So, if ticket prices increased since you bought the ticket, you get to pay the increase amount plus the additional for the extra day.

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That isn’t supposed to be the case. You are only supposed to pay the difference of the same ticket based on current prices. I just think the CM didn’t do it right.

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That’s what we were told about a year ago when we looked at adding a day to a ticket.

You probably brought before the ticket price increase in 2019. A lot of people that bought tickets to upgrade to an AP got burned pretty bad by the price increase last year.

We had a situation where my husband had a shorter ticket because he was supposed to take my son to Universal for a day, but I ended up doing it instead because he had to do some work. We needed to add another day to his ticket then and a day on my ticket was going to go unused. The cost was exorbitant. The CM kindly ended up giving him a complimentary one day ticket. Thank goodness for pixie dust!

Last time I checked, this sort of ‘price bridging’ only worked if you had third party tickets - in that case you would pay the difference between the current cost of your ticket and the current cost of the upgraded ticket. If you bought your tickets from WDW you would have to pay the difference between the cost that you paid for your ticket and the current cost of the upgraded ticket.

From what I understand, it matters if you don’t use it before you actually try to add a day. For whatever reason, if you haven’t yet started using the ticket, they essentially charge you the new ticket price and pay more. But if you already started using it and add a day, you are only supposed to pay for the actual cost of adding a day.

I think the problem is different CMs are doing it different ways, leading to confusion. Disney doesn’t actually put the official policy any place.

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Yes, that definitely mattered for third party tickets - you had to use at least one entry (and have entries remaining) if you wanted to price bridge. It didn’t matter for WDW issued tickets - you would get hosed no matter what you did.

Agreed, CMs matter - some know how to do it properly and others do not. The standard advice was to know exactly what you should pay, and if the amount was not as expected as for a supervisor.

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All I can say is two different cat members at Disney locations calculated it the same. We had room, tickets, and dining so purchased through Disney. The first one was at HS and I said I wanted to add a day to all of our tickets, 4 in the party, so I didn’t question when the total was ~65. When I noticed this morning that only mine had been upgraded I went to the hotel front desk and that’s when she explained, I had not mentioned any cost at that point but questioned when she told me the cost. Yes, I probably did get them before the price increased.

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I had a painful upgrade in July…had Canadian discounted ticket and the AP prices went up significantly less than two weeks before I was upgrading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It was fully the diff between the price I paid & AP cost. So, for upcoming family trip I made them all get 9 day passes, not saying they have to go 9 days, but the cost diff between 6 and 9 is so insignificant it’s better to be safe than sorry. (Plus, we are there 14 days, so the ticket then doesn’t expire until day before we leave)

Reviving this topic for similar questions.

I am taking my adult daughter with us on our upcoming trip and I purchased (direct from WDW) a 4 day PH ticket. Bought it last August for 576.84.

She can now stay an additional day with us. Went to check on changing the ticket to add another day and the cost to add the day is 100.18.

This makes sense because if I went to purchase the same ticket I bought in August (4 day PH) with the same “starting date” that ticket is now 619.15 and the 5 day PH is 677.02. So the difference between what I paid in August for a 4 day PH and today’s cost of a 5 day PH is 100.18.

BUT, the cost difference between TODAY’s 4 day PH and today’s 5 day PH is only 57.87.

NOW, the question is… given that I bought from Disney… is there any advantage to waiting until we get there and “adding” the day once the ticket is used? Any chance at getting the 57.87 instead of the 100.18?

Because, and this is key…

I’d rather pay 57.87.

On the other hand, if I’m gonna pay the same amount, I’d rather do it ahead of time and skip having to go to Guest Services…

Thoughts? Any chance for the cheaper cost?

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When I changed my tickets in person I had to pay the difference in price between the old ticket and new ticket. If I were you, I would change it ahead of time.


Thanks y’all.

I feel like what’s getting overlooked here is that I don’t WANT to pay the higher price. It may have been confusing. What I need is someone with a fairy godmother to bibiddy bobiddy lower the price…

*grumbles something about daughter not being able to work out her plans last August

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I believe the loophole was closed years ago. So it’s now the difference between what you paid and the current price.

I know, I have 4 day park tickets that I bought in 2017 - and I haven’t used them because I always go more more than 4 days. (They have a 2030 expiry, even though they were supposed to be no expiry) …I didn’t realize the loophole had closed when I purchased, otherwise I would have bought at least 7 days. (I have had an AP now since 2019…so also why I have not used)