FWL Cabin or AOA Family Suite?

Traveling in Sept with DH and DS' s 6&8. Would you choose a Cabin at Fort Wilderness or a family suite at AoA? Our first time on property so I'm sure either one will be fabulous, but I can't decide!!

I have not stayed at the cabins before, but we were at AOA last December and will be there again in October. We really liked AOA and the suite layout. It is nice to have 2 bathrooms and the extra space. The food court was good and we had no problems with the bus to and from the parks. It is me, DH, DS7 and DS3. We were in Lion King last year and we are in Cars this year.

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Are your boys fans of Cars? If so, AoA would be a fantastic choice because you can spend an hour wandering around and taking everything in the Cars section. If you are doing some pool time, the Big Blue Pool at AoA is also incredible.

The cabins are great if you want to enjoy the amenities at Ft. Wilderness, but I'm guessing that you are looking to do more with the parks, yes?

I would say depends on how long you'll be there and if you'll have a car. FW will give you better dining options with easy access to the MK area resorts as well. You get a ton of activities at your resort. But if you won't be there to enjoy any of them not sure it would make a huge difference. Being in FW means taking extra buses if you don't have a car so keep that in mind as well.

I'd pick AOA for theming and more space.

With a first trip I would assume you want more park time than hanging at the resort so that's another reason I'd pick AoA, Cabins are great for relaxing and hanging out esp if you want to fix your own meals.

For me, that choice would be in these terms: what would your kids enjoy more, an incredible swimming pool, or running around in the woods? Transport to the parks will be a lot easier from AoA. And the food court there would make things easy. The cabin would give you a full kitchen.

We have stayed at both! Loved our Cars suite with the table bed for our son in a separate room- 2 baths made getting ready easy. Cabins have bunks and bed in same room, 1 bath and nice living room and full kitchen. Cabins are peaceful and the boat to MK is great. AoA is lively with a super fun pool for kids. Different experiences but we enjoyed both.