FW Cabin staycation or other ideas for Labor Day

Moving to Florida meant that for the first time in….well, forever…. we won't be doing the big family/neighborhood block party BBQ for Labor Day. I'd like to do something nice for my husband (it's our anniversary that weekend, too!), but we're trying to avoid the parks for the holiday weekend. I looked at the Gaylord Palms (which I love) and they're sold out. I looked at the Four Seasons, and we could certainly do that if I sold DD4 to the circus or something, but otherwise it's about double what we'd like to spend (budget of around $700 including meals is what I'd like).

We've got stays coming up at AKL, BC, and OKW in the next few months and we just did a split stay at BC (Club level) and BWV last month. The month prior, we did a cruise on the Dream, and nothing cruise-wise fits with our schedule for Labor Day with work and school. I looked at Vero Beach, and they are sold out as well.

I was looking at possibly doing a cabin at Fort Wilderness -- we've not stayed there before, and we were thinking of maybe doing some cooking out, enjoying the resort a bit, and just taking it easy. Are there any must-dos that we'd want to think about in the planning process?

I'm also open to other suggestions. We're local, so we're at the parks once or twice a week, so there's no need to try and do it on a holiday weekend for us. We have a great pool here at our apartment, so pool time isn't a must-have for us.

Any good staycation ideas or opinions of doing a weekend in a cabin?

ETA: It's myself, DD4, and DH, and because I may have to put in some time finishing up a book, internet access or at least cell signal so I can hotspot is a must, but anything else can be on the table.

I can't help with your FW question, but wanted to say that FWIW Labor Day isn't crowded like most holiday weekends.... And should you decide to visit the parks after all, we are doing a liner meet after wishes on Saturday 8/30! You can find us over in the Labor Day Liners Thread: http://forum.touringplans.com/t/labor-day-liners-2014 smile

Faboo! I'm following the thread now, so I can keep it in mind as we get closer to the day. Very good to know about the crowds. July 4th didn't seem real crowded, but I wasn't sure if that was just a fluke this year or not.

We went over labor day 2 years ago and the crowds 'felt' a little crowded but I swear everything was basically a walk on. It was free dining so SO MANY more people are spending time in the restaurants and fewer in line. We are going again this year over that weekend because despite the heat it was an excellent time to visit from a crowds perspective! Our park crowd predictions are mostly 3's. A couple of 1's!