Future World during Food and Wine Expo

We are planning on visiting Epcot on a Friday evening in October (during the Food and Wine Expo). Our plan is to come though the International Gateway (staying at Beach Club) and head to Future World for Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, Meet Baymax, and maybe a few more stops. I’ve recently read that I should avoid Epcot on Friday and Saturday nights during F&W because it’s packed with “revelers.” Does the party extend to FW, or do the F&W partiers head straight to WS?

I’ve been to Epcot three times during the F&W just this past year. One of those was a Friday night. If you stay in Future World you should be okay, but you will have to walk through the revelry to get to Future World. I couldn’t even stand walking from the parking lot with the partiers, myself, but once we got busy doing our Fast Passes, we weren’t paying attention to the party people and we were able to get done what we wanted. Keep in mind that we had gotten our three fast passes, Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, and, oh, I can’t remember, something like Nemo that night.

Now, I will say, that Epcot has made it so each seasonal theme ensures they make a lot of money on the drinks and this last Friday we opted to go to MK over Epcot because I just didn’t want to deal with the stuff, and preferred the family atmosphere. It’s just goes without saying that the World Showcase is the “drink around the world” any weekend night.