Future Rider Passes?

Someone recently told me about something called a “Future Rider” pass where a young child too short for certain attractions can approach the CM at the ride and ask for a Future Rider pass to use at a future trip when they are taller. This was the first I have ever heard of this. Does anyone know details?

It is actually usually called Rider Swap - check out some of these threads on the topic:


I have heard of that but never been given one from a CM. We were given some carnival game coupons from CMs at Dinosaur when my kids were sobbing that they could not ride…nevermind it is the scariest ride in the park.

I am familiar with Rider Swap and have used it - awesome and efficient way to do a lot more! But this was different; not to be used the same time for family members, but a Fastpass-style pass for a return trip when the kid is older.

Use a search engine for more info. I used the search term “future rider pass disney world” and there were plenty of results. Here’s the first one:

I’m sorry I misunderstood!

Have never heard of such a thing and just jumped to a conclusion on the RS.
I just looked at that forum link seebee posted - seems to be a legit thing.

There’s also another thread on disboards:

I have a stack of them for RnRC. 2/3 of my girls are big enough now, but we’ll wait to use them once everyone is big enough and excited!

How do they work? Does the not-yet-tall-enough child request them?

The not tall enough child gets measured, and when they aren’t tall enough they get the little card.

On our last trip my BIL cashed in his paper ‘future rider’ pass for test track that he’s been carrying in his wallet since '99! The CM barely glanced at it, apparently they must get lots of 18 year old passes?