Fussy breakfast foods

So here’s a question about the all important food topic.

Staying at Coronado, so a mini fridge is available, but no kitchen facilities.

The food court resort doesn’t open until 7 am, however this may not be early enough if we are hitting RD on EMH.

Any ideas on where/what foods could be ordered in that are basically sugar and carb free, or another place we could pick up food on the way to the park?
I’ve been looking on garden grocer and instacart (Amazon isn’t friendly with us here yet) but have only managed to find LOTS of carbs lol

And Sausage pancakes. For real? People eat pre-packaged sausage wrapped in a pancake?

Maybe yogurt, fruit, protein bars from GG?

Thanks for the suggestions

Unfortunately, yoghurt and fruit are not allowed in my diet (waiting for surgery) because of the sugar.

I’m trying to find a protein bar they stock that is low enough in carbs, but no luck yet. I’m going to have to go through each flavour for each brand they stock, so it could take a while!

I am allergic to eggs. I don’t like pancakes and waffles. I prefer rice and oat cereals. I will eat a slice of bread with peanut butter and banana.

I got breakfast sandwich with a tomato in place of the egg. Croissant, sausage. Tomato and cheese.

In DLR, I got a kid Breakfast without the melon that I am intolerant of. I had a plate of strawberries and dipped them in the yogurt.

I will be staying at Coronado in November. I may pack a box of cereal and buy milk there.

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If on a low carb diet, consider the ADKINS bars and shakes. We use these a lot and they work great. I can’t say if they have them at GG but I know that they bars travel pretty good to be brought from home. They really helped us the last trip for the mornings.


Can you eat fruit? There should be a grab and go area with fruit salad, apples, bananas . I usually eat cottage cheese in the morning- can someone look and see what in in the case? There should be salad and hummus and veggies too.

Welcome to the United States, land of ‘terrible for you’ food! :wink: There are plenty of healthy things too, but yes people do eat things like sausages wrapped in pancakes. Breakfast foods that aren’t mostly carbs are going to be tough for you guys without a kitchen. You can get hard boiled eggs from Instacart, we ordered them in April. Other than that, I am having a hard time coming up with breakfast foods that you don’t need to cook that will work with your diet limitations. We usually eat breakfast bars, fruit, oatmeal, cereal or yogurt. Have you thought about upgrading your resort to a cabin at Fort Wilderness? That full kitchen seems necessary if you want to make EMH/RD on a regular basis. Good luck!


I know that both Garden Grocer and Publix (via Instacart) carry pre-cooked & peeled boiled eggs from Eggland’s Best and they’re on the better end of decent. You also can buy pre-cooked bacon and sausage (I believe they’re Oscar Meyer and/or Banquet) from both, but I’ve never tried them. That’s all I can think of that’s breakfast, specifically.

If you’re not opposed to eating outside of the breakfast box then deli meats would be a good option, and I would also maybe look for something like a hunters sausage or jerky and/or individually wrapped cheese snacks. Publix has rotisserie chickens (they’re quite good even), and you could call their prepared foods counter to see what else they have and make a “special request” on your Instacart order. If you’ve never used Instacart, there’s a person who will be shopping for your items out in the actual store, and they’ll text or call you with questions.


So, if we are hitting RD, we don’t want to eat at the resort, just sort of snack in the room and then grab something more substantial at the parks by maybe 10-10:30. We usually have beef jerky or sausage stick type things, nuts, plus dried or fresh fruit, and often some kind of carbs (granola bar, biscuits, etc.). If you’re ordering groceries, or if you can hit the gift shop (or Boulangerie at France in Epcot) the night(s) before, you might get cheese. I would imagine you could do jerky/sausage stick, cheese, and nuts.


@Ladythomas, I am on a similar diet. I plan to bring my Nutribullet blender with me and order a bunch of veggies from Publix or Safeway to make a green veggie smoothie. I may also get some hard boiled eggs or nuts.

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Every park has a Starbucks that might have something. But breakfast is mainly a wasteland at WDW. Cheese and fruit maybe. Or buy some cottage cheese? Oh and yes, there are breakfast “corndogs” here. Sausage wrapped in blueberry flavored pancakes on a stick!

Some of those may work for @Ladythomas, but I’m off of dairy and fruit right now. I’m hoping for an omelette station at the couple of buffets were are going to for breakfast. Otherwise, it’s breakfast food in the room for me.

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I can’t even…

This seems to be the best option. Thanks for the suggestion!

GG only has the shakes, but I found the bars and shakes available on instacart (publix). I can’t search publix directly because they don’t seem to be international friendly just yet. I’ll probably go with this option, and even better, we have them here so I can make sure it’s something my family will eat before we get there! I’ll also buy them while we are over there rather than bring them across, as they cost MUCH more to buy here.

Some of these options could probably work too.

One of the hard things is because the food is so different, not knowing if it’s something my family will actually enjoy, which brands are better quality etc. I’m thinking I might bring across some of our salami stick snack type things. I can’t seem to find them on any of the delivery websites, but I think you have a different name for them.

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Thank you for this. I normally do make a smoothie a few times a week. My thermomix is far too big and heavy to bring from Aus, though I did seriously consider it for awhile!

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I think you might be looking for “Jerky” - which should cover the broad spectrum of dried meat products over here. We always have that and some kind of nut / trail mix concoction on hand to snack on for the mornings after a light breakfast of a "good’ cereal in the room. Mornings are far too precious to us to have a sit down meal.

It’s definitely not jerky… Simething similar to this

They’re not dehydrated like jerky and rather oily.

That looks like “Slim Jims”


We call it jerky.