Furthest away good view of HEA?

I have a strong feeling the crowds and people pushing In Front of my children after we’ve waited an hour for HEA will infuriate me. I’ll be stressed over my LO being able to see. how far away is a “good” spot? It doesn’t have to be the best spot, just decent that’s not as popular. It’s our first time to Disney. Our second night we’ll probably just watch the FW part from The Poly. Thanks.

You might want to consider doing the Dessert Party. We did it in April, and having space for the fireworks (it was Wishes then) was worth every penny. We did the Plaza Garden viewing. We arrived at the viewing area about 15-20 minutes before Wishes (you eat desserts at Tomorrowland Terrace) and had plenty of room. My son even laid down on his back and still had a great view. Unfortunately the entire hub will be filled/overflowing with people, and you really need to be in the hub to see the projections that make HEA so amazing.

Bummer, I don’t think I’ll spring for that since my husband doesn’t eat sweets and I can’t eat dairy, so not usually a lot of options for us. I guess a xanex and a good attitude will be a lot cheaper :wink:


this will be my plan too, in Dec :sweat:

I know this is a bit late now. But we are also trying to determine if the Dessert party with Garden Plaza viewing is too far away to see the projections? Is it feasible or a waste of time/money. I definitely want the guaranteed spot scenario. I’m game there for sure after many years/visits jockeying for a viewing spot. But the main question is can you see the castle projections well enough from the garden plaza? Can any of you guys who have gone recently confirm this for HEA show? Thanks!

We are heading in Feb and have watched the show on YouTube to try and scope out the best options. But need some experienced help here! Thanks!

Here’s a good article that describes the views from various places, including the Plaza Garden area of the Dessert Party. http://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/review-happily-ever-after-dessert-party-review-at-magic-kingdom/

That is awesome, thanks for your help and this link is great! We booked them this morning in the plaza! Thanks!