Fun things to do outside of the parks?

So I am planning a quick trip April 2-4, and was only planning in doing one day In HS so my DH&DS13 could see SWGE. We’d have another full day at minimum so was looking for fun things to do outside the parks. I also have a DD8.
My DS would like to go to the NBA experience so we could do that, but was looking for more ideas to have in mind.
Are there any tours that aren’t in a park? Sorry if that is a dumb question. We are staying at All star Movies.
Thanks for your help!

Wilderness Lodge has a free tour and a Hidden Mickey hunt. I think Animal Kingdome Lodge has some free crafts and such too. You don’t have to be staying there to do them. I’m sure if you called they’d give you a schedule.

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You could also do Chip and Dales campfire sing a long at Fort Wilderness, or even the movie under the stars at your own resort, or check out the Mini Golf courses. They are adorable. Of course you could go explore Disney Springs too.

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AKL does a restaurant tour that is free.


You can also rent surrey bikes at Port Orleans or the boardwalk a d take your own little tour. I also believe they have segway tours or hourseback tours at Fort Wilderness. And you can do a horse a d carrige tour at Port Orleans or Fort Wilderness too.

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Are you looking for this activity to cost less than a park day? Trying to figure out if budget is the reason to not go into a park it just wanting something different.

Might try one of the many water parks if the weather is warm enough.

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Yes I should have said that. I am thinking about doing a water park day also. But was trying to get some other ideas that I hadn’t thought of other than the ones I already knew about.