Fun Queues with Toddlers

We are planning to RD PPF and Pooh in order to enjoy the queues, but I don’t want to get stuck there first thing in the morning if my toddler wants to keep playing and ignore the ride.
This might sound like a dumb question, but my son spent 10 minutes amused by opening and closing drawers this morning. I want to slow down and enjoy watching him enjoy the trip, but I’m not sure how my super-organized self will handle getting off our TP before 10 am. :wink:
How do the interactive queues work? Are people ‘pushing’ you forward to the next thing? Are they going around you if you’re playing? Are the pooh play things off to the side so he can play while we stand in line and then we pull him on along with us when we’re moving on from that section?

The Pooh stuff is off to the side kind of outside of the line itself. We played in it a couple of times without even riding. It’s easy in/out. Peter Pan is definitely more of a line, but IMO much less interactive. Like there isn’t anything to actually play with, you just see the effects. So it’s easier to keep it moving, but also easy enough to let people go behind you.

How old is your son? There is also the Dumbo play area as well as a little play house over by Splash.

If I remember correctly on Pooh the play things are along part of the queue and you have to walk onward as the queue advances. A lot of kids didn’t follow their parents too closely. My son played but we dragged him along as the queue advanced.

Yes !!! When my son was 4 we had to wait for him as he played for an hour in that little area close to Splash Mountain.

Btw, don’t miss the boneyard at AK. My son LOVED it.

You are right, the good old “honeywall” is later in the queue and more of part of the line. OP - don’t let your kid lick it! Apparently there are kids out there who have…

But the fun, more interactive games are in the vegetable patch at the beginning of the line. We played with those while doing RS for 7DMT.

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He’s 2. Dumbo is definitely on our list. We have that for late morning one day and early evening another because the total wait time doesn’t matter.

Yes! My DH wants to meet Pluto so the Boneyard is a must for us too!

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Also really nice to know that we can pop in and play in the veggie garden for a few minutes if he needs a break. We’ll be in fantasyland most of the time and that would be closer than Dumbo. I’m trying to make sure we have plenty of ‘wiggle time’ for DS2.

Don’t forget the change of clothes and a towel for Casey’s splash pad!

My son was 11 months (but walking) the last time we went so I very much appreciate the need for energy spending activities that are not sitting in a stroller or on a ride.

If he sees the splash pad, it will be game over! :stuck_out_tongue: But we’re going in January, so I’m not sure they’ll have it turned on.