Fun non-Star Wars experience

I am a big Star Wars fan, and I am hoping to either make a lightsabor or droid when my DW and I go on our adults only anniversary trip in November.

She likes Star Wars enough, but I don’t think would want to spend the money on making her own lightsabor or droid.

I am trying to come up with some kind of experience for around the same dollar value that she can do that would be nice for her (and somewhat suage my guilt for blowing $200 on a toy I likely won’t really use).

The only thing I can come up with would be a massage, but I am not even sure if they are doing that now.

Any thoughts?

My wife says she would want jewelry or a Dooney & Bourke bag. Not sure about your wife, though!


I’d give her a $200 gift card to go shopping with.

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Can’t really think of an equivalent experiece, but how about good ol shopping and a nice dinner to blanace it off

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Are you going to UOR? A wand ceremony at WWoHP is a similar experience. Pair it with a nice gift and you’re all set.


Not sure they will be up and running by November, but there are a number of tours in the sub $200 range that she might enjoy.


Thanks for the ideas. I like the gift card suggestion that way she is sort of forced to get something fun.

I tried to offer going to UOR, but she didn’t bite on it, the wand thing sounds fun though…maybe next trip :grinning:

I love Star Wars, too. But you already recognize this much. Perhaps go all the way and admit…you WON’T use it! As such, might I suggest you save the $200 entirely and use the $400 on something the two of you both can enjoy together.

My daughter bought me the Tiki room dress for my 50th last year at DL-such a fabulous treat and close to the same price as a light saber.

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Pre-Covid At GFH they had an adult version of BBB. If that is her thing, it might be worth looking into to see if they are still doing it.

That is a good point. I really just want the experience. I am trying to delude myself into thinking I will give it to some kid when I get home, but that ain’t happening. I wish I could just go in and watch, it sounds super cool

Ooh that’s interesting. Maybe she would go for that, assuming it is so open

This is a good point… but personally, regardless of this, I don’t have any regrets of doing Savi’s. Despite being a pretty big SW nerd I’m not really into collectibles, the lightsaber is one of the very few things I have and I think it’s one of the coolest pieces of memorabilia you could get. It’s also the only “toy” we have on display in our home, everything else is very adult :grin:


Aw, DW is one of the only places where an adult shouldn’t have to justify buying a completely useless souvenir. Enjoy it! It’s hard to make recommendations without knowing someone’s interests. Maybe you could involve her in the process by giving some choices–tour, dining reservation, visit to a particular store, etc.–and see where the conversation goes.