Fun non-park activities at Universal?

I know there’s a ton of fun activities out of the Disney parks, but I’d love some suggestions for recreational stuff teens would like at the Universal resorts or in CityWalk. I’m under the impression we can pool-hop? (We’ll be at CB). Mini-golf at CityWalk, Imax movies…other suggestions would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yup all those. Depending on how long you will be there - that should be plenty. We were there 3 days and had MORE than enough to do outside the parks. We did love just hanging at the pool

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We’re going to be there for a week, so I’m hoping there will be some fun activities worth checking out at the resorts?

So first off I think CB is going to provide you and your family A LOT of fun!! However the other resorts are really cool and the nice thing with Universal is that you can pool hop (I THINK). So just check things out. You can make an experience out of visiting some of them. Have a meal and explore. Portafino is really fun to explore. City walk is nice. I think the thing with being at Universal for a week is that you CAN actually relax. Take advantage of the spas etc. I think the water park is also open (I don’t know though).

Depending on their age - I may just let them go a bit and have fun on their own and then catch up.

I think Hard Rock has some activities etc. I may just ask for the hotel activities schedule and see what is going on

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Thank you, @davidtyost!!! I recently read about a Kids Can Cook activity at HRH that looks promising. This will be our second time. We stayed at CB last time and you’re right–we absolutely LOVED it. :relaxed:

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our only trip was this last year. Did US and WDW. We have always done just WDW in the past. Now we can’t wait to get back to US - LOVED IT.

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We used to only do WDW too, but my bratty teens outgrew it!!! :rage: Just kidding…kindof… :wink: We do love Universal now, though WDW will always be #1 for me.

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We will be going for the first time next month, and staying at Portofino. I have read that in the evenings you can catch an opera singer performing from a balcony in the common area (not sure of the details). My kids aren’t into opera or anything, but it still sounds like something cool to see and to make you feel like you’re in Italy! Also, I think there is bowling at CB, and I think at least Portofino (and maybe other resorts too) have shuffle board.


Enjoy the pool at Portofino. It was the most relaxing time of our vacation. Came back from the park, ordered dinner and some drinks, kids played in the pool - it was thoroughly enjoyable.

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Sounds great! Thanks, @Tigger613 and @bhoey!