Fun hypothetical

Suppose that someone gave you a Magic Ticket to WDW that included park passes to all four parks and 16 fast passes.

How would you plan your day?


AK - FoP, NRJ, Safari, Everest
Bus to contemporary and walk to MK
MK - SM, HM, 7DMT, SM, and then I’d also do PM without a FP
Monorail to Epcot (because hey, this is fantasy and it’s working again)
EC - SE, TT, FEA, Soarin’
Skyliner to HS


It’s good that you factored transportation into it because I think that’s got to be part of the plan and part of the fun.

Bus to Animal Kingdom
AK - Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Flight of Passage
Bus to Hollywood Studios
HS - Rise of the Resistance, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Slinky Dog Dash
Skyliner to Epcot
EP - Soarin’, Test Track, Frozen Ever After
Monorail transfer to Magic Kingdom
MK - Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Space Mountain

Ha! I didn’t even think to split my 16 FPS unequally across parks. I just automatically went to four per!

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Bus to AK- FoPx2, EE, Safari

Bus to HS- MMRT, RnR, ToT, SDD, RotR

Walk to EP- Soarin x2

Bus/Monorail to MK-Space, BTMRR, HM, Splash, Pirates

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I would rope drop MK and get Big Thunder, Splash and HM done with minimal waits. Then use FP for Space, Pirates, and 7DMT. Hit a few other favs if the waits are low.
Monorail to Epcot. Use FP for TT, Soarin’. Maybe use another for SE or another ride here if the waits are long. Grab a bite to eat.
Skyliner to HS. Use FP for MMRR, ToT, RnR, RotR, MFSR, and SDD. Do TSM if not busy.
Bus to AK. Use FP for EE, KS, FOP, and maybe NRJ. Grab a bite to eat.
Bus back to MK to use any remaining FP and close the night with fireworks.

I assumed more normal hours and AK would be open late.

Assuming I was staying at a resort by the skyliner, I would take the skyliner and I would start at HS: MMRR, RotR, and TSM
I’d take the boat to Epcot:
FEA, Soarin and SE
I’d take the monorail to MK:
HM, PoC, WTP, BTMRR, Small World, Tomorrowland Speedway and PeopleMover.
I’d take the bus to AK:
Safari, Navi and Kali River Rapids

This is tricky because I’d want to do after dark at both AK and MK. Let’s pretend that it gets dark early and yet parks are open late.

HS - Star tours, RotR, MFSR, MMRR
Skyliner to Epcot
EP - Test Track (x2)
Bus over to Animal Kingdom
AK - Safari, EE, FoP, check out Pandora as it starts to get dark
Bus over to Magic Kingdom
MK - Space (x2), 7DMT(x2),BTMR, HM, BTMR again as fireworks go off

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Did RotR have a FP? Would that get you out of needing a BG?

It does not have FP but I assumed we could make our own rules.


I’m using this in 2023.

Start at MK. FP on Space, Tron x3, 7D, Splash, Pirates. Monorail to EP. FP on GotG x 3, Soarin, Remy. Skyliner to HS. FP on RotR, MF, ToT. Minnie Van to AK for FP on KS and Y&Y dinner before a DAH event.


Thanks! Having not been on it yet, and practicing for BG for our trip in a week!!! I wasn’t sure! I absolutely want to make my own rules for this :grin::grin:

I’d ride Splash Mountain 16 times!