Fultons Crab house....even though it isnt called that now

Does any one know when this is opening please and its new name?

I believe it will be Paddle Fish. Last weekend the restaurant was completely gutted (just a shell- open walls you can see through)

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Yes, it will called Paddlefish. The last news report I read was “reopening in the Fall” - but that was a couple of months ago.

One of the vlogs I watch indicated that it’ll take longer than originally thought. I wonder if they uncovered damage or more areas that needed addressing for refurb. A restaurant on water is subject to many unique issues.

Agreed. And based on things that I have read, the entire restaurant is being gutted for a complete interior and exterior makeover. It dates back to early 80s, so there may well just be a lot of unexpected code issues that need resolving.

Looking at bookings for ADRs in about a week and it’s not on the list. Anyone know when it’s supposed to open and be available for ADRs? I know it’s not a ‘must have at 180 days’, but still, it should be there if it’s going to be open, right?

I don’t know much about Disney, but I do know a bit about construction/remodeling. I would say that Disney would be very unlikely to begin ADR for this location until it is well on it’s way to completion. There are just too many unknowns that can happen on a major remodel (and that is what I am understanding this to be by other comments here).
180 days out is just too far for them to guarantee anyone def seating in a restaurant that currently doesn’t have walls. I would say ditto to even 90 days.

Between addressing whatever issues may be preexisting, code updates, waiting for inspections, clearing inspections, plans and specifically changes to those plans, the actual labor involved, interior/exterior design, and all the other final touches… which may include new staff, menu design, who knows!

My guess is that they will not be able to guarantee reservations until they have an opening date narrowed down and final touches are on the horizon… maybe around 30 days til open they could start reservations.

That being said… they could wait until just a week prior to open. If I were you, I would pick somewhere else to eat, plan on that… and check in from time to time with Paddlefish to see if it has been added.

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I wish I had taken a photo last weekend. The restaurant is a shell. It does not seem to have interior walls, finished plumbing- kitchens, bathrooms. It looks like a gutted abandon boat.i would not expect ADRs for a long time.

Disney never opens ADRs until they have a definite reopening date - and this is often less than a month in advance. . And even then, there frequently are no ADRs for the first few weeks.

They don’t let people book ADR’s until there is a confirmed and announced opening date so that there is no backlash if it gets delayed.

Okay, well I’ll check back again in a few months and start watching. Like I said, it’s probably not like getting an ADR at BOG or CRT, but I expect there’ll be a lot of interest when it first opens.

It def wasn’t before the refurb. There weren’t many positive reviews but I’m sure a brand new shiny restaurant will bring the crowds in.

Dating myself here… I never ate there when it was Fulton’s, but I did eat there back when DS was known as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, and the riverboat was the “Empress Lilly”. I was only in my 20s and hadn’t developed quite the palate that I now have, but I remember it being very good (and considered one of the best restaurants in WDW at the time).

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Me too! My mom just presented me with a certificate they gave kids when doing the only character breakfast on property! I can’t believe she still had it. (We’ve been cleaning out her basement, :grin:)